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Hot honeymoon of Jyoti and Jatin

Hello Readers, I am Jatin, Our family is from Chandigarh. This is My true story, which I want to Share with all of you. I am writing on a Site for the first time, I hope you will forgive my Mistakes.

This is the Incident of during my Honeymoon. I got Married to a Village Damsel, Jyoti, just 19 years of Age, Last Year. I will Like to Give details of Physique of my Wife, She was 19, 5′ 6″, Wheatish Complexion, with a figure of 36-24-34, she had a figure to Die For. If She Walks on Road, She will definitely Make the Heads Turn towards her, as she was So young, Lengthy

Good Height, Firm Breasts and a Sleek Ass to make the heads turn. As we were engaged for 6 MONTHS before Marrige, We used to Talk A Lot on Phone, till Late Nights. So, Starting from brief Personal discussions, during the Period of 6 Months, Our talks Matured to Sharing of All Geographia of Our bodies,

So, without Touching Each Other, we know Almost about Every Inch of Each Other’s Bodies & We Shared All Aspects of Love Making with Each Other. We decided Mutually, to have Our first Sex during our Honeymoon Period, Only. I had a Dream of having a bath while being All Naked with My Wanna be, in Open under a full Spring or into a Stream,

which I shared with her and Prepared her Mind of doing it, while on our first Journey of Honeymoon. So, Our Tickets for Honeymoon to a well Known Hill Station were booked in Advance, So, Finally the D-Day Arrived, as we started our Journey to Honeymoon Site, as we were Travelling by our Own Car, with Myself Driving on the Wheels.

As there were Landslides on the Way, So, we couldn’t Reach our first Destination in Time, So, got hanged Mid-Way. So, 14 hours, Since 08 am, Now It was 10 in the Night & we had got Stuck up MID-Way. At that Place, there were not Many Options Available to Spend a Night. We searched around & found that, Nearby there was a Small Inn available,

which was Constructed by Some Charity Association, who Provided Rooms for Free to Travellers, as there was Normal Occurances of Landslides at that Place. We went There & Inquired for a Room, and got One Easily, after furnishing All Our Personal Details to the Managers.

He showed us the Room, whch was an Average One, Good enough to get accomodated for One Night, Although It was not very Clean, but we were shocked to know that there were No Attached Bathrooms, As the Inn was having around 35 Rooms, there were About 90-100 People were Stranded Passengers belonging to various Locations were Staying there,

and Inn Only had 03 Bathrooms & 3 Toilets on the Ground Floor, Common for all Travelleres. So, As it was Already Past Mid Night after we checked in the Room, after having our Dinner at a Dhaba, we changed our Clothes, hugged each Other & Started talking about our Horny Telephonic Conversations before Marriage, As this was Our first detailed Conversation after Marrige,

So, we talked for Almost 3 hours, before we slept, as we were well aware of our Collective Decision of having Sex, Only on Honeymoon, as Practically, we had not reached our first Actual Destination. So, We Pecked each other on Foreheads and Quickly we fell Asleep. As, Normally, I am a Early Starter of the day, I woke Up at 6 am, while she was still asleep.

I yawned & Saw Outside, as the Darkness had Started fading Off, It was a Perfect Dawn Outside. I just Saw Outside the Window & there was Something to See which Amazed me to a Great Extent. Just beneath the Inn, there was a Small Deserted Road, On the Banks of a Small River, On the Left Side of the Road, there were hills,

from where a Stream was flowing into the Rivers, under which Many Males were having their BAth. As there was No ENtrance from Our Side of the River, as It had wiring on it, due to Slippery Roads, Just Looking Straight from Our window, On the Other Side of The River, there was a Common Entrance for both Men & Women to Enter, but It was very Sad to know that,

Women were not Allowed on Left Side, where the big Spring was flowing, So, they were Provided an Area on right Side of the River to take bath, where they had Created a Small Artificial Spring of Marble, Only for women to take Bath, Although, In the Centre of River, Men & Women, who knew Swimming were Allowed to Swim together.

I realized It Must not be very Enjoyable to bath under the Small Spring. Although, Both Ends of River were hardly Seperated by just 50 feet, from where Men bathing under the big Spring, could easily Enjoy the beauty of Women bathing at a short distance. I saw on Women Side, there were hardly 10 Women, who were taking Bath, who were into their Peticots & Blouses,
while taking Bath.

Suddenly, there Arrived 4 Local Ladies, They were Carrying bags, which Placed on One Side. They Started Removing their Sarees & then they Removed their Blouses & then they Raised their Peticots & Tied to their Breasts and while holding it to their Breasts, they helped each Other to Undo their Bra hooks from behind, while holding the Peticoats to their Breasts, than,

One of them Sat on the Stairs under the Spring, while Other 3 formed a Cardon around her, with some Clothes. Gradually, they All had bath this way. I tried to see from the Window to have a glimpse of their breasts, but Couldn’t, but Suddenly, I Saw, whosoever, Completed their bath, went back to their bags, Picked up Towel, Wrapped it,

around their Waists over the Peticoats & finally dropped the Wet Peticoats on the floor. After that, they started Cleaning their backs with the Towels, with their back to the River and face towards the Wall, on the Other Side of the River. As it was not Complete Sun-rise by then, they After drying themselves, told Others to help each other to dry their towels, So, Now,

I was Shocked as they Removed their towels, they were All Naked in front of Everybody, while doing this. I could view 4 Naked bodies in front of my Eyes. Then, Came a Couple of More Ladies, who, Seeing these 04 Naked Ladies Immediately Removed All their Clothes, straightway Moved under the Spring. Than, Came 5-6 More and Seeing others bathing Naked,

Removed All their Clothes and went under the small Spring. So, now, within 15 minutes, there were some 20 Ladies, bathing All Naked under the Spring. Suddenly I saw there were Tea Stalls under Our Inn and there were around 100 Men Standing their to have a Sip of Tea while Staring at these Eternally Beautifull Ladies.

Now, Even Men under the Main Spring had Slowed down and Were watching these women taking Bath. They All were Enjoying their beauties and were trying to identify their favourites. I went down and starting having Tea, while Staring at the beautiful Naked bodies. I saw All those Local Men having Tea,

were using filthy Language about these Ladies and were Discussing about the Sizes of their breasts and Also, the Shapes of their Pussy’s. I gathered some Courage and Enquired about from One of them, whether this was a Daily Scenario there, he Told that Although Local Ladies do it Regularly, but, It is worth Enjoying when there are Landslides and So,

tourist Ladies also Join them in Bath, fully Naked, as they being Away from Home, get Courageous as Nobody knows them here, they take Bath for hours, as Localites don’t Disturb them. So, I decided to Come up, as I feared My wife, would have Got Up by Now. As I Entered the Room, I saw Jyoti Awake and was Preparing to go for a bath downstairs to the bathroom,

I Pulled her hand and took her to the Window and Showed her the Eternal Beauties bathing Outside, then, we Also, saw that there were 4-5 Males, also, were taking Bath All Naked. she felt Shy having a Look at their Erected tools as she being a Virgin had never Seen an Erected Penis, as till Now, we had not make Sex to Each Other.

While Looking into her Eyes, I started Discussing about the Bodies of these ladies with her. She was feeling Horny, but Controlled her Emotions. After that, she asked me to Accompany her to Ground Floor for a Bath, As we Came down, we found the Long Queues of People, waiting to Take Bath in front of All 03 Bathrooms, Sensing the Situation,

I Realized It will take Atleast 02 hours to have Our turn, if we Join the Queue. She Got Upset and Started Showing frustration, So, while talking, we Moved towards the door of the Inn, She was having a Towel and her Other Dress and a Pair of Bra and Panty in her hands. As we were at its Gate, we again had Glimpse of those Lovely Ladies Bathing there.

I Winked at her and Signalled her to Join them, but, she felt Shy and hold my Shoulder to Tease me. I reminded her that she had Promised Me to take bath All Nude with me, while on Honeymoon, but she hesitated.I started giving her Courage, and we Both were discussing and we don’t know,

when, we started waking towards the main Entrance of the Spring which was some 200 Metres away from the Inn. Realizing the Rules and Restrictions of that Place, As we didn’t know, how to Swim, we had to take bath at Seperate Springs. This thing she brought to My Notice, I told her to Just Go on her Side and Leave the Rest to Me.

I took the Towel from her hand and Told her that Once she finishes her bath, she shall request the Guard there, to Come to My side, to have the Towel from Me, as we had a Single Towel, She Refused, but I told her to have Courage. So, we went on Opposite Sides. On My Side, I went and Placed the Towel near the Floor on One Side and Removed All my Clothes,

I was down to my Under wear only in few Seconds, so, after Seeing around 10 Men bathing All Naked, I also, got fully Naked and Went under the Spring, where around 100 Men were taking Bath. Suddenly, I saw on Other Side, Jyoti was still standing all dressed up with clothes in her hands,trying to gain some Courage, I signalled to her in a way that Nobody, Else Noticing me doing it,

telling her to Go Ahead, She Started Unbuttoning her Blouse, while having Wrapped Saree on her Breasts, while facing the Wall.Now, she had the Blouse in her hand, which she Placed on floor along with Other Clothes, Now, she was Only with Bra on her Upper Half, she took her hand on the back & Unhooked the Bra, which Although was of a Transparent Pink Colour.

She Placed it on the floor, Now, Her Boobs were not at All Visible to Anybody, as she was holding the saree firmly with One Hand, Close to her Breasts and the Pallu was falling on one Shoulder. Then, Suddenly, She took her hand, under the Saree and undid the Nod of Peticoat, as I saw it falling Near her feet, Now, she was just wearing Saree, with Just her Panty under the Saree.

She Must be feeling very Shy, as didn’t Pull down her Panties, She now, Slowly Started Moving towards the Spring, where Other Naked Women were bathing. As she was moving towards the spring, A Slight of her Boobs were Visible from One side of Saree, as it was Wrapped from Waist towards One Shoulder, whereas other Shoulder was Naked.

I was Also Curious like Other Men around to See her Totally Naked, as after Marriage, I had Never Seen her Actual Beauty and had not felt her Nakedness with my hands. I Listened to the whisper among the Men taking bath Nearby, that, if this Sexy Damsel goes All Naked, they All will be in Heaven, as she was Looking Like Venus.

As She Moved under the Spring, she raised her arms on to her Head, Opened her Hairband to Let her Hair Got Loosen, Now, her long Hair falling on her Back and She was Rubbing them Gently to Clean them under the Spring. Then, Suddenly, a Sudden Increased flow of water, threw away the Pallu on the front, and her Both Boobs got fully Naked to a full Public View,

She got Nervous and Quickly Grabbed the Pallu & adjusted it back. So, that, just One Second Glimpse of her firm breasts, Pumped the blood faster in nerves of All Men Around, As I also, Saw her boobs for the first time, Seeing their beauty, I got my Erection immediately. I Saw at other Naked Men around, who were also Staring at her, they all had their Erections by now.

As she Look towards me, her eyes got fixed Up on my Erect Penis & she was Aghast to see its Length and its Erection. She must have Enjoyed the first Sight of my Penis, as I had enjoyed of her boobs. Now, she engaged herself into bath, as the Spring was again threatening to take away her Pallu, she now was very Alert & Kept it grabbed it with One hand,

but I saw she was feeling helpless as flow of the Spring was faster. Now, she decided to Sat on the Stairs beneath the Spring, to take bath, but the water flow was such, that it was making her float on the stairs and she was finding difficult to manage the flowing off Saree, because a huge Gush of water was flowing under buttocks and thus, Unsetteling her from her Place.

Now, Again she Started rubbing her Neck than she rubbed her Ankles, Legs and Washed her Arms, She went under the spring & Raised her arms one by One to Wash her Armpits, then she took Both her hands to her back to rub there, as both hands were busy, a Sudden Gush of water again took away her Pallu & this time the Nod of her Saree, which was already Loose,

got Untied & the whole of Saree just flowed Off her body. Now, Again, her Beautiful Boobs were All on Display for Everybody to See them, As She Rushed to grab the saree immediately, as it had flown Off towards the Steps of River and had Moved down to the Lower Steps of River, So, she had to Move down to the Steps to Grab it back, but,

it took almost 5 minutes for her to Take it back, Now, she Realized that All Men were Enjoying her beauty from a Distance, as she was Almost Naked in front of them for almost 5 minutes, she was wearing a Matching, Light Pink Coloured Transparent Panty which was very Thin, It had strings on its sides, and was very small and was not able to hide her Big Perfect Ass Cheeks,

whereas, her frontal was not Visible from the distance. She went again under the Spring & tried to wrap the saree on her waist, when One of those Fully Naked Ladies whispered something into her Ear that, there were Around 20-30 Ladies bathing All Naked, So Who cares, even if Men saw you from a far Distance and Enjoy your beauty, why you are struggeling with your Saree,

whereas, you shall Enjoy your bath, as this was Life Time Chance, as Nobody knows when will you visit this Place, Again. Now, she got some courage and So, she Removed the Saree, decided to not to Look towards Men’s Side, as she was aware that 100 of them were Staring at her Raw Beauty, as she was Virgin till date,

She Came near the Stairs And Placed the Saree on a Side, where there was a dry Patch available, Now, she was Available for Everybody to enjoy her Beautiful breasts, the first sunrays of the Day were just making her face Glow More than Normal, as she seemed like Lotus into a Pond. Her waist was like the Neck of a Beautiful Flower Vase,

She was just having Near to Nothing Panty on her Body, which Clinged to her Body, like a Second Skin, Now, She was A Bold Lady, So, she went under the Spring Again & started Rubbing All Parts of her Body, without caring about huge Crowds Around. On My SIde, I was Listening to the Comments of Men around, who were Enjoying her Nakedness,

Some One was full of Praise of firm Breasts and Wished to Squeeze them, if he gets a Chance to do it, Other One was taking about her beautiful Round Ass and wished to give her an Ass Fuck, Somebody wanted to Smooch her under the Spring, Some other One, wanted to Put his Penis in her Vagina and enjoy Sex under Spring, Some one wanted to smooch her Lips for Long,

Some body wanted to give her a Mouth fuck, So, she was Centre of Attraction for All Men on Our Side. I maintained a Distance from them to keep them Clueless about Our Relationship. All of them were Going OOOOOOOOhhhhhhhh, AAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, while Enjoying her Beauty.

I Observed that, some of them, had moved themselves 03 feet deep into waters of the River and were Masturbating themselves while Looking at her. I also, went to a Side, Inside the River and started Masturbating myself, while Drinking her beauty with my Eyes. It took me 4-5 minutes to jerk Off in the River, I shed the Sperm into the Water and came back to have a final bath under the Spring.

I saw on the Other Side, that, Jyoti had Pulled the front of her Panty & was Letting the Water flow inside it, then, Suddenly, she Put One hand inside & Started Cleaning her Pussy. In the Process, One side of frontal Cloth got to the Centre, exposing Half of her Pussy, which was Completely Shavened Off, as she had told me on Phone that she will keep it All Ready for me,

as One of her Cousions helped her to shave off all Pussy hairs of her. As her Panty, was a transparent one, It Clinged to her Vaginal Mid-Line like a second Skin and Anybody, could saw her frontal Nudity from even a far off distance, Now. While at the back, the Backside of the Panty had got Submerged inside the Ass Cheeks, as was almost Nowhere to be seen.

She was feeling horny, while Rubbing her Pussy inside her Panty. After, some time, she Realized, that, Most of Other Ladies had already Left after wearing their Clothes and there were Only 3-4 Left, who were taking bath, with some or the Other Cloth wrapped around them. Now, She was Only Lady taking Bath Almost Naked, with, Only a small Piece of cloth,

acting as her Protection Gear. So, Now, Bathing under that Spring, while being Almost Naked, she was feeling Shy, she saw towards the Tea Vendor Side of River, where there were around 200 Men gathered, who were having Tea and Enjoying her beauty from a distance, She Looked towards Our Side, there were still 20-30 Men who were taking bath, while Enjoying her beauty.

Now, she came out of the spring, Collected her saree from the Stairs, went to fetch her Bra, Panty & Dress, to wear, then, she Realized that she had to dry herself and had no Towel there. By Now, She had to come to Our Side, to fetch the Towel from Me, as Per our Earlier Plan, decided while entering for the Bath.

She Looked towards the Guard, who was Monitoring the Entrance, to Prevent the Entry of any Local Goons or Hooligans. She decided to Approach him, to Let her Slip into Men’s Side, She felt ashamed, while approaching him. He was an Uncle of around 50 years of Age, She felt as she was Only 19, she was Almost the Age of her daughter,

As she was an innocent Village Damsel, so, She thought that,there was No harm approaching him. While she was gathering her Courage, I saw Guard with his face towards the Gate, doing his duty to Perfection,while Smoking a Cigratte, She Placed the Wet Saree, Near to her to be Worn Panty and Dress. She was All Wet and her Long hair were falling upto her Buttocks,

She Placed one hand on front of her Panty and other on her Boobs, but, it was of No Use, as her tiny hand hardly covered her boobs, as her 36″ Size were big Enough, but were not in Proportion to her thin Waste & Sleek Ass-line. She Placed the hand in the Centre of boobs, but, her big boobs were All on Display, while One of her Nipples was Clearly Visible,

while Other was hidden by the Palm. She gained courage and Called the Guard, “Suno Bhaiya”. Guard turned and was All Aghast to See Damsel of the Age of her Daughter all Naked in front of his Eyes. The Smoke of Cigratte got trapped in his throat seeing her beauty,he was drinking her beauty with his broad eyes, while she was telling him,

that her husband was on Other Side, as she had No Towel, she wish to go to the Men’s Side to Dry her up, as Towel was with her husband. He regained his Senses and as a Result, the Smoke in his throat came out flowed on to her body, as she was standing hardly 3 feet from him, she must have Enjoyed the Warmth of the Smoke,

as she was Shivering because she was All wet. As a Result, she Removed the hand from front of her Panty and Wrapped both her Arms on her Boobs, So, her Boobs got Tightened due to Pressure of Arms on the Sides of Boobs, So, Now, 80 Percent of them, were on Display to the Guard, Guard now had Glimpse of her Pussy, as One side of Cloth of Panty had Already

Moved Aside and half of her Pussy was on Display, he was Astonished to See that, he was getting Erection into his Loose Trouser, which was Clearly visible to Jyoti. She was feeling shy to See that. She asked him that Can I Go. He decided to Prolong the Conversation to Enjoy her beauty for a Longer time.

He told her in his Language, “Key Karegi Udhar Jake, Ethaan hi Sukha Le badan, udhar jan Ne Manahi hai”. She requested Again, then he Said, “Pehla Chut Ka Kapda toh Sahi karle, Our Mard kha jayenge teri Jawani Ne”. He was feeling like fucking her there itself, but, didn’t touch her due to the fear of Losing his Job.

As she Realized that half of her Pussy was on Display, She tried to Adjust it, as it was tight and Small, she had to Open its String from her One Side, she had to use both her hands, she took her other hand Also to the String, as a Result her full of breasts were Completely on Display to the Guard, the Brown Aeroles, with Tiny untouched Nipples were making the Guard Mad.

She Pulled the String and was very Nervous doing it, As a Result, fumbled and her Panty got Opened & Fell on the Floor. Now, she was Totally Naked in front of a Stranger. Sensing this, she Quickly went down and Picked up the Panty Quickly, now, her Clean Shaven Pussy was full on Display to the Guard.

He again said to her, “Manne khush karde, taine sari umar dua deyunga”, she kept Quiet and stranded All Naked in front of her while him making various Comments on her. Now, she was getting hornier listening to his filthy Comments. Now, she was not trying to hide her Boobs and Pussy from him. It was fully on Display to him.

Then, after a talk for 5 minutes,he told her to make an Entry into a Register, Seeking her Details like Name etc. and Reason of going to Other Side, as they had to keep a Record of People going on either Side. While, making an Entry, she Placed the Register on Top of a Table laying there, while her Breasts were Exactly hanging on the Table Top.

Guard Saw here and there, as she was just One feet away from her, he Saw Nobody Around staring at him, as his Side of table was not Visible to Men on Other Side, Sensing the Opportunity, he took both his hands forward and suddenly Grabbed her breasts, Squeezing the Nipples, immediately.

She felt like a Live Wire touched her, she Pushed his hands Off, but, he again took One hand forward and started Caressing her breasts with his One hand, than, he took his other hand down & touched her Pussy. As She looked into his Eyes with Anger & he just Winked at her. In the Meantime, he Pulled down his Zipper and brought out his 9″ Erection,

Took her hand and Placed it on his fully Erected Tool. She felt Astonished as he was not Letting her go, he inserted One of his fingers in her Pussy, she Screamed Slowly and Widened her Legs, As she had Completed the Entry into Register and just had to Sign it Now, By Now, she had forgotten the Entry into Register, and Even me, who was waiting for her.

Guard was Squeezing her breasts, while she was caressing his Tool, Suddenly the Copy fell down & she went Down on her Knees to Pick It, Guard Caught her by her Shoulders and tried to Rub the Penis on her Lips, as with One Strong hand of him, he Caught her by hair and brought her near to his Penis.

The wondefull Smell of his Tool was making her lose her Senses, he was rubbing it on her Pink Lips, and was trying to Push it inside her Mouth, but she didn’t Open the Mouth, So, he Started Rubbing it on her Entire face, her forehead, then Ears, Eyes, Nose, Lips, Chin, Neck and then Raised her a bit & Started Rubbing it on her boobs.

It was Already 10 minutes had Passed into this Act. So, she gained some Consciousness, realized this fact and was fearfull of Me. She Signed the Register and Quickly turned while ignoring him. He quickly Put his around her Waist and Pulled her towards him, Now, she was Clinged to his huge 6″ body,

he Started behaving like a Gentleman and kissed her on both her Cheek and just Placed her hand on his Erected Tool and Requested her to Jerk it Off with her hand, She understood the idea and Started Jerking him Off. He was moving his hands on her boobs and increased the Speed of his hands, in the Process Squeezed her Nipples many times, that,

Resulted in her Moaning Heavily. He went down & kissed both her Nipples. As he Opened his mouth to Suck them, she Stopped them and told him, that this Will make her Nipples Grow Erected and her husband will get the Clue. So, he agreed, but Requested her to Rub the Penis Once on her Pussy, if Not inside It, she Smiled at him and agreed to Complete it in Next One Minute,

He Placed the Tip of his Penis on her Pussy and a huge Adreanil Rush flowed through entire Body, she just hang loose taking Support of the Table, She Spread her Legs a Bit and gave him more Access to her Pussy, her Cunt was flowing with Juices, which made his Penis All Wet, he wanted to Enter her, but,

she stopped him and she Started Quickly Jerking his Penis and than he Came with a Force, as his Load fell on her stomach, as she was standing just in front of him and Started Dripping down to her Cunt. She Picked her Panty and Cleaned her body with that. She threw Panty there Only and Signalled the Guard to Wash it and Place it with her Other Clothes.

Then, they listened the Voice of some Ladies Coming that Side, towards Gate from Outside, The Guard Quickly Put back his Penis into his Trouser. Fearfull of being Caught, while talking to a Guard while being Totally Naked, Now, She Literally Ran Off towards Men’s Side. While Running towards Our Side, She Realized that she was All Naked in All Men’s Cordron.

So, she Suddenly Slowed Down, feeling Shy of her Nakedness, but her act with the Guard had made her nore Bold and Hornier. By this time, Only Six Men were there taking bath and when they Saw the Same beautifull Damsel, Coming Running All Naked towards them, it was a Scene from the Heaven for them, As like, Some Apsara was Running All Naked there,

Most Likely to make them Pleased. She came Nearer, and Stood just 6 feet away from us ALL Naked and Signalled me to Come to her. She because of my Fear, Placed both her hands on her Pussy and hiding it Completely, while trying to Press her Nipples under her hanging Arms, but 90 Percent of them were on Display to ALL.

At the very Moment the thought of Scene of Guards Penis thursting Load on her Body, came to her Mind. So, she started Gazing At the Nude Erections of All Six Men’s Bathing there, She started imagining about All of them Caressing her body here and there and while Sex Jerking their Tools turn by turn, while All of them Ejaulating their Loads on her Body.

She came to Reality and Showed some Boldness and Pulled Off her hands from her Pussy, took her hands to her Head and knowingly started gathering her Long Hair & Put them together by Tieing them Up. Knowingly, Displaying her Full Breasts to All Men there and her Virgin Clean Shaved Beautifull Pussy on Display.

I Picked Up the Towel and went Near to her, and asked her to take the Towel, but, was amazed to See that She had Almost Dried Off. I was feeling Strange of her showing her Nudity So Easily to A Group of Men from just a Six feet Distance, I asked her the Reason of Coming Late, she Told me that as we need to make an Entry into Register before Entering into Men’s Area,

the Register was not in place and Guard took Time to bring it from Office Outside there. She Took Towel and Reminded me of Our Dream of bathing Under a Spring All Naked, She Caught my hand and started walking towards the Spring, Near to those Men. As they were bathing there, they asked me about her and I Honestly told them, that we were a Couple on Honeymoon,

So, want to Enjoy it in our Own Style. They Said Namastey to her and she Also Smiled back at them. There eyes were Pooping Out, Seeing her beauty from So Close. We both went under the Spring, and Got Wet. I caught her from the Waist and Pulled her to me and Placed my Lips on hers. Suddenly, we were Smooching Each Other Heavily in front of other Men.

Her Body was Clinging to Mine and I was Also, having first Experience of her Body. I took Up my hands and Gently Caressed her Boobs, I was surprised to find her body quite Warmer. I felt she was feeling hornier by Now. My Erection was touching her Pussy, I Pulled her Closer and Started Caressing her Ass Cheeks.

I went down to have One of Nipples in my Mouth to Suck It, I found it a bit Harder (May be because her Act with Guard), I started heavily Sucking Her Boobs, then, I realized All Men were Standing Silent and Watching our Act, Helplessly. I winked at them & Signalled them to Carry on her Bath, Near to us Only.

She Suddeenly started kissing Whole of my Body and then, she Went down and Started Kissing my Thighs, Inner thighs, she Kissed my balls and then Put her Lips on my Penis. I was Pleasently Surprised to See her Boldness. I PUlled her head Closer and Put the Whole of Penis in her mouth in One go.

She was Licking, Sucking and Kissing whole Length of my Penis. Maybe, she was already Aroused by the Guard and wanted to Complete the Activity with me, at the Earliest. While she was giving me Blow Job, One of The Men Bathing Inches Closer to us, asked me whether we have Already fucked each Other, than, I replied him, that we both were Still Virgin and I will

Open her Cunt Only when I Reach our first Destination. He told me that All six of them were feeling Hornier Seeing the Beauty of Jyoti, they Really want to Enjoy a beauty like her, but they were helpless, as we were on Honeymoon and they were Sure that I won’t Allow them do so, even if they Request me.

So, he seeked my Permission to Masturbate themselves watching Our Act. So, I agreed to it. As she was giving me blowjob, she was listening to All our talks, She had a Wish in her mind that All Six of them Drench her body with their Loads, when she Entered the men’s Area, she wanted to do it to them, but was fearfull of me, as I will Never Allow her to do this to them.

They were Jerking off their Penis themselves, just Near to Us. I saw that, while giving me blowjob, her eyes were Clinged to their Penis, as Some of them had around 9-10″ inches Long Dicks. I understood that she was getting interested in their Dicks, as mine was around 8″ inches. I also looked at the Men, who were Staring at her Firm Breasts like Greedy Dogs, that,

if Allowed to do Sex to her, they will Eat her Raw. Watching their helplessness and Also Sensing Jyoti’s interest in their Dicks, I called One of them and Whispered in his Ear, how if I allow them to Get Masturbated by her. they liked the idea. I looked into her Eyes, she Also Smiled back to me, as I winked at her.

We Moved Aside from Spring and made her Sit on the first Stair of the River. We all Seven of us, Stand in front of her and She Touched Every one’s Dick with her hands, Caressed them to have a feel of Everybody’s Penis. She made their Penis Wet by Kissing Everybody’s Penis One by One, but didn’t suck them as I signalled her not to do it, silently,

Now, she started Jerking Our Dicks One by One. A Couple of Guys bring their hand forward and Started Touching her boobs. They wanted to Kiss her boobs, but she didn’t Allow them and told them it was the right only given to me. I also, allowed them to touch her boobs Gently. Then, We all were About to Come, first of All I came and shed the Sperm on her Boobs, then,

One by One Everybody Cum on her Body, Somebody on her face, Somebody on her Shoulders, and most of them on her beautiful Firm Breasts. They made her bath in their Sperms, as she Closed her Eyes and was feeling the fragrance of so many Manly Loads on her Body. I pulled her arm and took her under the Spring and Started Washing and Caressing her Body.

The Men Also washed themselves and Dressed Up and Thanked us with a Promise to Meet again and Left the Place, hurridely. We dried each other with Towel and started Moving towards the Place, where she had Placed her Clothes. We both were Walking hand in hand, All Nude, We were feared of anybody.

Even, this Place now had a Deserted Look, as it was Already 12:00 Noon. She went down to Pick her Bra, then, Suddenly, Guard Appeared from Somewhere and told us to hurry Up in his Language, ” Aye Nangey Fungey Besharam Logo, Chalo edhar Se footan ki tyaari kar Lo, Mahne gate Lock Karna hai”.

She Left the Bra there Only, Winked at him, Pushed Up her Boobs with Arms, took the Support of the Wall, Spread her Legs and Started Rubbing her Clitoris in front of him and told him, “Oye Majnu Ki Aulaad Budhey, MAIN teri Beti jaisi hoon, Tanna sharam na Aawey manne Nangi dekh Ke.

Hum toh Nangey fungey hi hain, yahin Pe Chudai Karengey, aur Phir Jayenge, Jo Ukhadna hai Ukhad Le”. While Saying this, She was rubbing her Nipples with her fingers while Other hand she was giving him View of inside of her Vagina, as she was Leaning to the Wall. Then, I intervened and told Guard, that she was Like her daughter and he shall not feel Bad about her Comments and Activities.

Then, Guard started Speaking, “Beti Beti kuch Nahi Saheb, jyada Bolegi te hum iske ye nangey Nimbu Nichod Devenge idhar Hee, aur Ek Dhakkey mein Cheek Nikal devenge, Sari Umar Yaad rakehgi”. I told him to Calm down and I told her to dress Up quickly, as Road had been Cleared of Landslides and we had to Move On.

While, I was talking to him, I wore my Clothes and she was Also Wearing her Bra and Panty very Slowly, she wore the Bra tied its Hook on the back, but on the front she didn’t Bring the Cups on to her Breasts, so that, Guard could have more view of her beautifull Curves for Some More time. She Wore Panty, than, Peticoat, but her boobs were still hanging Out.

I told her to Put them inside and Signalled that Guard was Staring at them. She Closed the Cups of Bra and Wore the Blouse. Then, wrapped the saree on her, We bid Goodbye to the Guard and Reached Out to Our Car. While walking, I felt, with this Activity of bathing under the Spring,

she had becoming Really Horny and was Behaving like a Whore to those Sex Starved Men and Also while talking to the Guard. She was talking like Experienced Whores, even though she had not even had first fuck of her Life, till Now. While Driving, we were talking Really Horny to Each other, I asked whether she enjoyed this Act,

She Winked at me and give me a Warm hug. I Promised to fill her Cunt with a Loads of Sperm, When, we will have Our first fuck of the Life, on Our first Destination of the Honeymoon. We Kissed each other & Moved on for Our first Honeymoon Destination..

I know Many of you Must have Really Liked the Story & I Know, Many Must be Telling Us to be Ashamed of Whatever we Did. I will Like to Inform them that human beings come to Earth as All Naked, that is, how Adam & Eve took Birth & Explored Each Other & Gave Birth to This Facinating World.As we Reached Our first Destination of the HONEYMOON,

we Checked into the Hotel and Went Straight to the Room. It was a Beautiful Evening, We Quickly changed Our Clothes & Wore Loosely Fit Comfortable Clothes to Roam Around in the Market for Shopping. We went by Auto to the Market, as I was Tired of Driving. We Enjoyed our Time, immensely, Roamed Around, Purchased A few important things.

JYOTI Purchased A Couple of Sexy Night Gowns & Sexy Longerie, with my Choice. As it was getting Darker, we Planned to Move back to the Hotel. As we were Waiving to the Autos, 6-7 Local Guides Approached us & Offered Their Services for Sight Seeing during Our Stay. They Offered Good Discounts, Also. The Explaination of the Sights, Excited Us, Immensely.

One of them, was Very Soft Spoken, Fair Skin, young Boy of Some 18 years of Age, he was very Active and Smart & had Good Knowledge of the Area. He Spoke Good English, Too. He Told us that he was a Guide Since, he was 11 years of Age. We Took his Visiting Card & Told him to Knock the Door of Our Hotel Room No. 69 on 1st Floor, Next Day, in the Morning.

We Took Auto & Left for Hotel. Once We Reached Hotel Room, we washed hands & Proceeded for Dinner. After Dinner, As Soon as we Entered the Room, JYOTI, wasPleasantly Surprised To See that Room was Beautifully Decorated for Our first Night, As I had Secretly Directed the Hotel Manager to Get It Arranged for me, when we were Away for Shopping.

She Hugged Me & Told me that She Also has a Surprise in Store for me. She Asked me to Wait in the Room, as She went into Washroom to Change to her New Night Gown. I waited for her in the Room. I Also had Surprise for her. I had brought Petals of Rose and Jasmine to be Spread on the Bedsheet.

I Spread the Same on The Bed & As Soon As, She Came to Room with a big Towel Wrapped to her Body, The Room had Developed Wonderfull fragrance due to the Petals. Under The Towel, she was wearing a Short & Transparent Night Dress. She Came Closer to Me & I took her in my Embrace.

I Kissed her Rosey Cheeks, Her Lips were Trembling as she was going to have her First Fuck of the Life, On her first Honeymoon Night. I Put My Lips on her Lips & we were into A Smooch. Our Tongues were Meeting Each Other’s Tongues. Our Mouths were Exploring Each Nick & Corner of Each Other’s faces. I Kissed her Neck & Then her Shoulders.

She was Getting Too Much aroused. She was Responding to Me in Super Excitement. During this Kiss and Touch Activity, her Towel Dropped to her Feet. The Gown she was Wearing Under the Towel was Too Sexy. It was a Low Neck Dress, which had very Thin, Almost Invisible Straps Upto Shoulders, and was Backless.

The Straps on shoulders were Making a Cross on the back. The Dress was of Light Purple Colour. On the Front, it had a Deep Neck & was deep to Almost to the Naval. The Straps were Tied on the Front to Two Tiny Clothes on the Front, which were Meeting at the waste & had a Velvet belt Loosely Tied on the Waist.

The Joint of Dress at The Naval had a Zipper from Naval till the Thighs. So, Waist Onwards, it had Only 9 Inches of Free Flowing Cloth Like that of Skirt, under which she was wearing a very Smooth Silky Panty with Strings. So, if we Move the Zipper Down, and Pull the Shoulder Straps Down, the Dress will Automatically Fell of the Body.

It was Too Sexy, she was Looking Like a Porn Star,in that Dress.I Started Licking her Body. I was Kissing her Neck, shoulders, while she Started Unbuttoning My shirt & Let it Fall off my Shoulders. My hands were Caressing her Breasts Slowly. Due to Deep Naval & very Small Cloth on Breasts, half of her Round Breasts were Clearly Naked on the Front.

I Placed One of my fingers, on her Cleavage and Start Moving it Slowly to the Navel, Once I Reached the Navel, I went down on My Knees and Opened the Velvet Belt with My Teeth. It Opened Smoothly and fell off. I Kissed her Naval & Moved upto her breasts and Kissed the Naked Portion of her breasts & Starting Licking the nude Breasts.

I Put Two each fingers of My hands under Shoulder Straps and Pulled them down & then kissed on her Shoulders. The front Cloth on her Breasts, fell Aside and Both the Breasts Flunged Out Like the Pigeons out of the Cage. The Breast Clothes were hanging on waist sides, due to the help of front Zipper.

I Caught her by her waist & Pulled her Closer in a tight Embrace and Put My Lips on her’s. Then,I Put one of My hands on her breasts and Started Caressing them, after that I Started Squeezing her Nipples, while we were Still into Smooch. We both were getting Aggressive. I Quickly Went down & Grabbed one of the Nipples into My Mouth.

My hands were Caresssing her bare back & I was Teasing her Back Mid-Riff with Tip of my Finger. Then, I Put into Mouth the Other Nipple. So, My Face was Quickly Moving on her Bare Breasts.We both are Top-Less, that is, were Naked on our Upper half. She now had Only Skirt Type 9 inches Cloth around her Hips, below her waist.

Her Beautiful thighs & long Legs were All Naked. I turned her back & Kissed All Over on her Back. Then, I went down & Kissed on her hips, which were Getting More Revealed than being hidden, due to Short Length of the Dress, as her Ass Hills were Quite Round & Heavier, but Shapely & The small skirt was not able to Cover them, fully.

The Line of hips was Clearly Visible from behind. I Kissed her Legs, and Licked the Inside of her thighs. Her Thin Panty was Getting wet as She was feeling Horny. So, It was Dripping Juices from her Cunt. The fragrance of her Juices was making me Mad in My Head. I Stood Up and then, she went down to her Knees,

Opened the Button of Jeans and Pulled down the Zipper and further, Dropped the Jeans to my Ankles. My Penis Bulge was inside the Unddies,but Exact in front of her Eyes. She Put her Palm on the bulgeand Gently Caressed it Over the Cloth. She Tried to Pull it down, Grabbing its Sides, but I caught her Arms and Told her to Wait & Enjoy.

I Told her, that Now we both had One Cloth Each on Our bodies, we shall Remove it for Each Other with Our Mouths. I Grabbed her from waist & she bend herself on her back, swinging her body into my Arms. I Kissed her Naval & then I Caught hold of the Zipper and Pulled it Down, the small Skirt just flew Off from her thighs and Fell on the Floor,

Now, She was reduced to the Purple Panty, which was very small, It was hardly hiding the Pussy. The Centre of Cloth was Clinged to the Pussy’s Mid-Line & was wet due to its Juices. The Strings were Losely Tied, So, front of Panty was a Bit Loose & front Cloth was Slightly hanging to the front, giving a Slight view of Upper Portion of hidden Treasure, Inside it.

I went down and Pulled the String from the Side, with My Teeth, So, As a Result the Panty got Loosened and Slid down from her Bare Thighs, Which were as Smooth as Trunk of the Banana Tree. Now, she was Standing All Naked in front of me, in her birth Suit. The Wet Pussy was Gleaming in Room’s Light, due to its Juices.

Although, I had Already Seen her Naked, during the Spring Bath Act (Refer to the Story: JYOTI AND JATIN’S HOT HONEYMOON – I), but My Feeling Towards her on this Day were Entirely Different. She was Looking Like a Naked Sex Goddess. I Told her to go on her Knees and do the Same to my Last Cloth.

She did the Same and Grabbed the Underwear with her Teeth from Front Side, while Staring to me, with Eye into Eye, with her Mischievious Looks, As she Pulled it Down, the Erected Penis Hit her Lips and further Nose & her Forehead. The Cloth dropped to my ankles and Now, we both were All Nude for Each Other to Enjoy One Another and to Explore Our bodies, Further.

I Pulled her to me and Took her into Embrace. So, now, my Penis was Touching her Wet Pussy. I Laid her on bed and Kissed her All Over from Head to Toe. After, that She Rode on me and Started Licking Whole of my Body, from Head to Toe. She Kissed my Legs, then Started Licking my Thighs.

She Came to My Balls, Licked them and Grabbed them in her Mouth. She brought Out her Tongue and Licking the complete Length of the Penis, from Its Base to the Tip. She was Licking the Upper Cap of Penis, Slid Down its Cover, Licked the Inner Skin of it and made it Completely Wet. She was Licking the Tip of Penis, with her Tongue. It was Making me Hornier.

Then, She Grabbed half Of Length in her Mouth and started Sucking it with a Force. She was Stroking hard by Moving her Head very fastly. Soon, the Entire Length of Penis had Lost in her Mouth. After that, I Laid her down and we both Got into 69 Position. I Laid on her, Upside down and started kissing her Pussy, while My Penis was Still in her Mouth.

Then, I Opened the Crack of the Pussy and Slid two of My Fingers inside her Pussy. She screamed with Joy, as her being a Virgin, the Pussy was very Tight. I started Stroking it with Fingers very hard, My Fingers were wet with her juices. I brought them Out, bring them Closer to my Nose and Smelled the Fragrance of her Wondefull Cunt Juices.

I went Down & Submerged My Face in her Pussy, I Started Licking it and then, Opened the Mouth of her Clitoris and Slid my Tongue inside her Pussy Hole. She Started screaming with Joy and Increased her Speed on My Shaft in her Mouth. I Also was Moving my Tongue inside her Cunt, very Rapidly, In and Out.

She had her first Orgasm Soon and shed her sperms All over my face and as My Tongue was into her Pussy hole, I also Tasted some of it. I Brought it Out and then we sat on the bed. Then, Our Lips Met Again and she Also had the Feeling of her Cunt Juices from my Face and my Tongue inside her Mouth.

I was sitting on bed and she herself went on her Knees and Started Stroking my Penis Heavily Inside her Mouth. After 10 Minutes of her Sucking of Penis, I Told her that i was about to shed the Sperms, She Told me to Shed it inside her mouth, but, I brought it out and shed it on her face, Neck and it flowed down to her breasts.

I also shed some of it on her Breasts and started Rubbing the Penis on her Tits. She Grabbed the Penis and started Licking the Sperm, which was Spread on the Penis’s Skin. She again started Licking the Penis’s full Length, from its Base to the Tip. I fell on my back, while She Continued sucking it hard. After 10 minutes of Licking and Sucking, It Got hardened Again and was Ready to Fuck her.

I got up and Pulled her Up and Laid her on her back. Now, My Penis was Ready to Enter her for the first Time, She Clasped her Pussy with both her hands and Told me not to do it, as She wants to Share Something with me. She Told me that She is Virgin, but Still not Purely Virgin. I Told her to Share what She wants to Say, but I Gently Removed her hands from her Cunt.

I Promised her that I will not Enter her Pussy, untill she finish her Talks, I will just Keep Rubbing the Penis on her Vagina, Untill She finishes. She Agreed to that and I Placed the Tip of Penis on her Already Wet Pussy, and Started Rubbing it from Down to Upside. She Started Telling me about the Incidence with the Guard

(Refer to Story:JYOTI AND JATIN’S HOT HONEYMOON-I), that how Guard Aroused her feelings and Touched her Body. How he Rubbed his Penis on her Lips and her Entire face and how he Rubbed the Penis on her Pussy and made it All Wet. How he made her Masturbate himself & Ejected Load on her Naval, thighs and Pussy Area.

She was feeling Sorry to me, as She could not Control her Senses. She further Told me that she was not a Perfectly Virgin Woman. She Told me, as she was from a Village, so, Two years Back, when She was 17 years of Age, she used to go with Village Women to A Pond Outside the Village Area to Wash Clothes with them, as there was Scarcity of Water in the Village.

All Ladies used to Remove their Clothes after Washing Clothes, to Take bath in the Pond, as some of them will take Guard of Clothes and to Check on Strangers Peeping from a Distance. As this was a Deserted Area on a Link Road, So, there was no Traffic on that Side. Ladies used to Move through fields to Reach the Pond, So, Scope of Regular Men Reaching there
was very Less.

One Day, I witnessed that from A Distance there were 3 Boys, who were hiding behind Trees and were watching Women bathing there. On that Day, there were some 6-7 Ladies bathing Naked in Pond, and 3 were Standing Guard to Check any Tresspassing, but they couldn’t Notice these Boys.

As I was also One of the Bathing Ladies, I was Rubbing my Body inside the Water, I was Caressing my Own Boobs, My Nipples were Getting Harder. As I Came Out All Nude to Dry Myself, I Moved towards the Place, where I had Placed the Towel and My Clothes, at a Distance behind the Guarding Ladies.

As I went down to Pick the Towel, My Boobs were hanging to the front. I Picked Up the Towel and started drying up my hairs with Towel and then I Took Both My Hand to behind of the Head to Tie them Up. So, My Boobs were Clearly Visible to those Boy’s, as they were at Some 30 Feet Distance from there. I Listened to their Whispers.

One of them Said, “Kya Maal Hai Yaar, Is ko toh Jam Kar Chodengey Kisi Din”. I Looked on that Side & Got Alerted. I Wrapped My body with Towel and Raised the Alarm. The Ladies also got Alert and Ran towards them. They Also Got alert and Ran Off. I had Recognised One of them, he was One of friends of My Brother, who Also used to come to our Home, Regularly.

I got fearfull of him & didn’t Disclose this to Anybody.After that Day, Every Time Going for Washing Clothes, Ladies used to be Extra Alert. One fine Day, My Mother Told me to Come back Early, as to Prepare Food, as there were Some Guests Expected in the Evening. For Last Many Days, we had not Seen any Boy’s Around.

That Day, after Bath, I Wore Clothes and Bid Goodbye to All Other Ladies as I had to Leave Early. They Told me to be Alert on the Way, as it was not Safe going through the fields, All Alone. I Started Moving towards the Village, I Passed through the fields, I was fearfull, but I kept on Moving.

On the Way, In One of the Fields, there was a Tube-well & Near to that there was a small Motor Room, which was Closed. As I reached Near Tube-well, I decided to drink Some Water. While having water, I was huming some Music on my Lips. Suddenly, the Door of the Room Opened and Those 3 Boys Came out.

They Came Near to me & They were Heavily Drunk, as they were Consuming Liquor Inside the Room. They were Smiling. I was Trapped Now for them to Actually Rape Me. They Caught Hold of Me & Picked Me Up and threw into the Tube-well. They Also, Entered into the Tube-well and Started Molesting Me, here and There.

As I was from a Typical Village, So, there was no Trend of Wearing Modern Days Brassiers under the Village Choli’s, as It was Not Available in Villages. I was Wearing Choli Along with Ghaggra. So, Nipples of My 36″ Boobs were Erect and Anybody Could make Out that I was Not wearing Anything Under It. As It was of Thin Material & was of Light Pink Colour.

It Got Totally Drenched due to Water. So, My Nipples were Clearly Visible to them, I Tried to Shout, but One of them, Closed My Mouth with his huge Hand. They Told me to Keep My Mouth Shut, if I wanted to Go Home, Safely. I Tried to Push Them Forcibely, but That Person Also Caught Hold of My hands at the Back, while the 2nd One started Unbuttoning my Choli.

The 3rd Person, Broke the String of My Ghaggra and Pulled it down. As I was not Wearing anything under the Choli, My Boobs flunged Out like Caged Pigeons. One of them said she is the One who Raised Alarm that Day, So, she shall be Taught a Lesson. So, They Tore Off My Choli. Now, I was having just my Nickers on My Body.

They also Tore it Off and made me Naked. As I was having My Periods those Days, So, I had Placed Cotton Pad inside My Nickers. The Cotton had huge amount of Blood on it. I Requested them not to fuck me, due to my Periods Problem. They Pick Me Up in their Arms and Took me inside the Room. They Promised me that they will not fuck me, if I don’t make a Noise.

so, All of them, brought Out their Dicks by Removing their Clothes. In Minutes, They Got fully Naked. They Came Near to Me and Started Kissing All Over My Body. One was Caressing my Boobs, Other was Caressing my Hips, 3rd One made me Catch Hold of his Penis and Told me to Jerk it Off. Other One Also Told me to Catch his Penis.

Then, They bend my Back & Brought me to Doggy Style fucking Position. They All came in front of me with Fully Erected Dicks & Started Rubbing it on my face. I was frightened to see such huge dicks, Together, for the first Time in Life. I had never seen even a Single Penis in my Life. One of them put it on My lips and tried to insert it inside my Mouth, as I had Closed My Lips.

I was tight Lipped. He Told me to open the Mouth, Otherwise, he will Slap me hard. I Opened my mouth and he Inserted the huge dick in my mouth. Other Ones were Making me jerk their Dicks,while they were Also Caressing My Boobs with their hands. Now, I started Liking the Fragrance of their huge Dicks and I was Easily Sucking his Dick making it All Wet inside the Mouth.

He Started Stroking the Mouth Heavily. He was about to cum, So, he brought out his Dick & winked Other Person to take his turn inside my Mouth, then he came to the front and inserted the dick inside the mouth. First One, with his Wet Penis with my Saliva, went behind, As I was into Doggy Style, he started Rubbing his Dick on my Asshole.

I got frightened and started Trembeling by even thinking of Ass-hole fucking as the Ass-hole was Too tight to insert Even a Finger into it. I stood up & Told them not do it. They Forcibly Put me again into Doggy Style & Threatened me of Pussy Fuck, even if I had Periods, if I don’t Allow them Anal Sex. I was helpless.

He started rubbing Penis on the Ass-hole and started Pushing it inside Gently. In the Meantime, 3rd One Came to the front and inserted his dick into my mouth. The 1st Boy caught Hold of my Hips & made a Solid Jerk & Put in 1/3rd of Dick inside the Ass-hole, I was Screaming with Pain, As a Result, I accidently, bite the Penis of the Boy with My teeth.

He was Into Pain, he brought Out his Dick & Slapped me hard. I was into Tears, then, he started abusing the Ass fucking boy. The Person who was fucking,Told them to wait for their turn, made Another Jerk with force and Put inside the Entire 9″ Length of Penis into the Ass-hole, I was Crying with Pain, He stopped for a while, then, started Stroking Gently.

He did this for some time, know I started feeling Comfortable and was Enjoying his gentle strokes. Then, he Increased his Speed and I also Started moving my Hips with Joy. He Told me that he was about to Cum, so, he is going to Ejeculate the Load into my Ass-hole. Then, he Orgasmed & filled the Ass-hole with his Sperms.

Then, the Other Ones started taking their turns One by One, while Other Ones Continued Stroking My Mouth with their Penis. Now, I was Enjoying fully & felt in Mind that they shall Continue Stroking Me harder, as Now, I had Started Enjoying. So, they fucked me 3 times Each. After the Continous fuck, I was Unable to Walk, Also.

As My Dress was Already Torn by them, I Requested them to brought One of my Dresses from the Bucket of washed Clothes from Outside, they Agreed to do So, that Only if I will Promise to come to that Tube Well Room for a Pussy Fuck, whenever My Periods Get Over. Otherwise they will make me Sit in their Jeep, All Naked and will Leave me on Village Road side All Naked.

I was fearfull, So, Agreed to it. They brought the bucket & I Picked One of the wet Ghaggra Choli Dress from the bucket. I Pick Up the Ghaggra and Wore it & Then, Started Wearing the Choli, then, again One of them, Caught hold of My hands from behind and Two Others Started Squeezing my Boobs, very hard. I Told them that I will Come Daily, if they let me Go Early.

So, I tied the hooks and Came out Rapidly with a Promise to them, to Visit them, Regularly. As I Reached home, My Mother asked me that why I was Late, as I was suppose to Reach early. I started Crying & Narrated the Whole incident to her and Also, show the Love Bites on my Neck and Breasts to her.

She Shared this with My father & They Immediately decided to Send me along with my Mamaji to Chandigarh, who used to Live there in City, who was Coming that Day for a Visit. As mamaji Came, Parents Told him that I shall do Further studies in City Environment & Shall live with their daughter to know the Urban Behaviour, as I was suppose to Marry an Urban Boy.

My Mamaji’s daughter, My Cousion introduced me to Modern Bra Panties & Sexy Longeries and Gifted me some of them. It was Mamaji Only, who bore the Expenses of My studies and also, Searched the Groom for me & Married me Off to a Modern Urban Boy, That’s You. So, This way, I am Virgin, as I have not Got broken My Pussy hymn, but Purely not Virgin,

As Already Experienced the Anal Sex, due to that Rape incident, as she was totally Helpless. She Started Crying that she was not worth for me. So, I shall Desert her and shall not touch her. I went down & Kissed her on her forehead and Thanked her for being So, honest to Me, As No Girl shares her past with her husband Post Marriage.

I Told her that I was not Concerned, even if she had got broken her hymn due to that forcefull Sex, So, she shall not feel bad as she was no way at fault during that incident. Moreover, her parents took a very Wise Step of sending her to City with Mamaji to Avoid any Public Embarassement.

I Put my Lips on her’s and Continued Rubbing my Penis on her Cunt and then Seeked her Permission to Enter inside her Cunt. She Noded her head into yes, without Speaking Anything and Sank her head into My Chest. I Slowly inserted the Penis, inside her Pussy and Started stroking it Gently. Her Pussy Hole was Too Tight & I was Feeling difficulty to Enter her.

So, I Raised her Legs and Spread Them Aside, to have More Access to her Pussy Hole. I Placed a Pillow Under her back to Raise the Hips More. Now, I Brought Out the Dick & Made a Strong Thrust inside the Hole. Now, I Started Stroking her Gently, she was Enjoying and was Losing her Senses, So, Put her Lips on Mine.

I Increased the speed of My Shaft and Started Stroking, Forcefully. She was Enjoying the Whole Act & was Making the Noises Like “Come On, My Prince, Fuck Me Hard, I was waiting for Eternity for Somebody to Really fuck Me. She Told me that the Rape Incident 2 years back had made her Horny,

she was Sex Satrved for Last 2 years & Really wanted her husband to Really fuck her hard & Fill her Cunt with Sperms, as she was not Ready to Lose her Virginity to Any Stranger”. I was about to Cum & Told her that I will Shed the Sperm inside her Pussy and will Fulfill My Promise to Fill her Cunt with Loads of My Sperm, during our First Fuck during Honeymoon,

on our first Honeymoon Destination (Refer to the Last Line of Story: JYOTI AND JATIN’S HOT HONEYMOON – I). After, I sometime, I came with a force and Ejaculated my Sperms into her Pussy with a force and filled her with my Juices.

She hugged me & we Got Lost into My Arms, for Endless Time. We Don’t know when the Sleep Engulfed us & we Slept All Naked into Each other’s Arms, for the first Time Ever.

In the Morning, I got up Early, wore my Clothes and went to the washroom, whereas Jyoti kept on Sleeping All Naked on bed, just with blanket wrapped on her beautiful naked body. I found that the water Tap was running Loose & Also, the Geyser was not working. I rang Up the House Keeping No. of hotel from bathroom Intercom Phone, but Nobody Picked.

I Got furious on this and decided to go to Manager Room to Complain about Poor Services. I came Out of washroom & stepped out of Room, completely forgetting to inform Jyoti that I was going downstairs and Even forget to latch the Door from Outside. On the stairs, I met the Same 18 year Old Local Guide, (Refer to Story: JYOTI AND JATIN’S HOT HONEYMOON – II),

Raju, who had Met us in the Market, the Previous Evening. In a haste, I told him to go to Room and wait for me over there, as I will Return back in 5 minutes. He reached the Room, Entered the Room, unaware that Mem saab May be there in the Room. Reaching Inside the Room, he went to the Sofa Placed in the room for Guests and Sat there.

He saw that somebody is sleeping in the bed, and got confused initially, then he Recover to remember that she may be the Mem Saab. He once thought of moving out, but then decided to sit Quietly there, without making a noise, as I had told him to wait in the Room. He Pick up a magazine from the Table and started turning its Pages.

The cluttering of Pages made a bit of noise in rather Pin drop silent Environment of the Room. My wife, Jyoti thought it to me reading the Newspaper in the Morning. She Spoke, “Oh Jaanu, what are you Doing, Leave this fucking Newspaper, Come to Me, hug me, give me a Kiss and fuck me hard like Last night”.

Raju started trembeling with fear, he wanted to move Out, but had no courage to move from there. He tried to Place newspaper on the table, but fumbled and in the Process broke one Glass on the table. The Noise of Glass breaking, made Jyoti furious. She just threw the blanket Away & stepped out of blanket All Naked, in her birth Suit, as we had Slept all Naked the Last night.

She was rubbing her eyes and Moving towards the Table thinking it was me sitting on the Sofa. Raju was Trembeling with fear seeing Mem saab All Naked in front of him, as he feared of getting blamed of entering room without Permission, as Mem saab could have Shouted at him, without knowing the Reality.

She Reached near the Table, extended her hand to Raju, without Opening her eyes and Speaking, “Oh Jaanu, kya todtey rahte ho, subah subah, meri Jwani ko Todo to janu main”. Raju saw her beauty from barely 03 feet and was Trembeling with fear, as may be, he had seen a Completely naked Women figure for the first time in his life.

In that short period, he judged her round 36″ boobs, 24″ Sleek Waist, and hairless Clean Pussy, whose frontal Partition was clearly visible due to absence of any hairs on it. The Pink Tits were bleaming in dim Light of the Room. He understood in No time, that we must have fucked All night and Slept All naked in the night, and Mem saab may not be knowing that her husband has gone downstairs.

Raju spoke, “Mem Saab Aap kya kehh rahe ho, yahan to main baitha hoon, mujhe sahab ne bheja tha neeche Se”. He Stood up and his Legs were trembeling, badly. Jyoti was sppechless and stunned. She Quickly turned to the bed and grabbed the blanket to cover her nudity. While she took the turn, Raju also got to See her 38″ Size big buttocks.

She started Rebuking him, that you must knock before entering a room, you don’t have basic etiquettes. She was furious on him and was very angry. She was standing in front of him, with blanket on her front side, but her back was towards the door and back was Totally Naked. At that Time, I entered and Listened to her heated comments, and understood the Problem.

I grabbed her from behind and kissed on her Neck and tried to Pacify her. I Told Raju to sit on the Sofa and Picked up a Towel and gave it to Jyoti and told her to go to Washroom and get Ready. She Took the Table, Took it to her front and wrapped it and dropped the blanket to her feet.

Now, half of her boobs, were clearly on display and as Towel was short one, it Covered only upto half of thighs. She went to the bathroom and I started talking to Raju. He fell on my feet and told me that he had done nothing and seeked forgiveness. I told him to keep quite and told him that he was not at fault. I started enquiring about the Places he will take us to.

He told me the whole routine of the day to be followed, to cover most of places worth visiting. Then, I enquired about his family and other businesses. He told me that his elder brother has a Photo Studio, so during free time during the Day, he Also help him at his Shop. He also told me that he himself is also a Good Videographer and assists his brother on marrige Parties.

Knowing his Profession, I got an interested idea of Capturing every Moment of our Honeymoon on a Video or into Photographs. I told him to arrange for a Video Camera, as we were having our Own, still Camera with us. Then, Jyoti came out after her bath, with the Towel wrapped on her body. She came near to me and asked why Raju has still not left.

I grabbed her from waist, Kissed her Lips and Told her that Raju was a Very Simple and honest boy, and he will not tell anybody whatever happened in the Room. Raju also Confirmed this in yes that he won’t tell anybody about the incidence. As I started sucking her Lips, so, she Tried to Push me and so, as a Result, her Towel fell Down, she tried to go down to Pick it, but, I caught her and Pulled her to my Body.

I kissed her Lips and rubbed my Palms on her Hips and Asked Raju, “Tum Ne Mem Saab Jaisi Gand Kabhi kissi Ki Dekhi Hai, Nahi dekhi hogi Kabhi, bahar ja kar Mat batana, aur Camera Lana Maat bhoolna”. Raju said, “Achha Sir Ji:. I told him that No need to tremble like this, while Coming to Our Room, as we know he is a Nice Guy, so, he can freely come to our room, even without knocking.

He went out with a Promise to be back in 30 minutes. Once he left, I tried to Kiss her again, she complained to me that why did I talk vulgar in front of Raju, as he may spill the beans to Public Outside. I told her that she is an Eternal beauty, so, her beauty shall not be hidden, it shall be shown to the world, People shall watch your beauty and shall be jealous of your beauty, as they may not feel you like I do.

I told her she must Enjoy every moment, the way she enjoyed with the guard at the lake & 6 Men, whom she masturbated at the lake (Refer to Story: JYOTI AND JATIN’S HOT HONEYMOON – I). Why she was feeling shy in front of an immature boy like Raju. I Pick her up in Arms and took her to the bed and started squeezing her boobs, I climbed on her and started rubbing my Penis on her Vagina.

I told her that I want Our fucking to be Videographed by Raju, so, I have called for the Video Camera. She hesitated on this, but I told her that I want to keep the moments of Honeymoon with us as a Souvenoir & shall be restricted with us, only. I Laid on the bed & she came upon me in the 69 Position, while I was Licking her Pussy lips with Tongue,

she was Licking the Tip of my Penis and then she started licking the full Length of the Penis,and her warm boobs were hanging on the front. While doing this, her face was towards the Room Door. We both were in full flow, we were stroking each other’s Genitals with Our Tongues.

My tongue was deep inside her Pussy Hole, while she was making the full Length of my Penis wet, then, suddenly the Door Opened and Raju walked in. When he saw the scene in front of his eyes he couldn’t believe it Once, from the door Only he asked, saheb kya karna hai. I told him to come Closer. Jyoti also raised her face & Looked at him, but this Time she smiled at him, Mischeaviously.

He came straight to the bed & from a distance was staring at the boobs of Jyoti. I Grabbed a Personal Compact disc from under my Pillow and handed it over to him & told him to Store all recordings into it. He Put the disc into Camera & Tried a few Practice shots, as he saw into Lens of Camera, first Thing he Grabbed was a View of Big boobs of Jyoti, as he was standing in front of her.

I Told him to Say start when he is ready with the Camera. He Adjusted the Camera and said Start. I told him to Cover Our oral Act first. Jyoti again started Licking my Penis and me started Stroking her Pussy with my Tongue. I Licked the Pussy Lips and then inserted my Tongue inside her Pussy,

she also Grabbed the Penis head & started Licking it and then Kept the whole Length of Penis into her mouth, I Paused for a second & Told Raju to firstly take a Close Up of her boobs, then Cover her sucking Act & then he could come to my Rear Side to cover My Pussy Licking Act. As he brought the camera Closer to Jyoti’s Boobs,

she Placed Arms under her huge Boobs & Raised them above to show more Cleavage to the Camera. I told him to take much Closer shot of the Tits, Nipples & Pink Aeroles of the Nipples to have a better Result. As to grab the more Closer Picture, Raju had to Come much Closer to her Body, as she Grabbed her boobs with her hands & Raised the Level of her Tits.

In this Act, he coudln’t Sense, that his Camera Lens was actually touching her Nipples, as he was having much Closer Picture. As a Result, his hands accidentally Caressed her Boobs. He got frightened and felt sorry and went back. She Told him not to Worry, if required he could touch her for a better Picture Capturing, then, she winked at him.

He shyed & grabbed the Camera, again. As he came Closer, she Placed my Penis between the boobs & started Sucking the Tip of the Penis. Then, she called him Closer and Told him, as she has to suck the Penis, the boobs will hang down, so, she can not help out, as he won’t be able to capture the Nipples.

She invited him to Capture her boobs One by One with One of his hands, to have Perfect Picture of nipples, while she will continue sucking the Penis, he was trembeling, she caught his hand & Placed on her left boob. He for the first time, in Life felt the warmth of a Lady’s boobs, so, he started gentally caressing her boobs.

Then, as told by her, he Captured One of the boobs, raised it & took the video of the nipples. Then, I told him to come to my Side to have the Rear View. As I had made her Pussy totally wet with My tongue, so, the Clean shaved Pussy was Gleaming because of its wetness. He had seen an Open and Spread apart Pussy for the first Time in his Life.

He was standing aghast seeing our Act. I could see the Vulge in his Pyjama, as he had got full erection touching her boobs, I told him to videograph while I Lick her sweet Pussy filled with Juices. I was moving my Tongue in and out of the Pussy, she was going to have an Orgasm, So, she was making a Lot of Noises, after sometime she had her Orgasm & her Juices flowed on to my Tongue and my face.

Then, I asked him whether he had ever fucked any Pussy in his Life, he said that Forget Fucking a Pussy, he had never even touched anybody’s boobs in Life & had never even seen any Porn movie in his Life. He had never seen a nude Lady in his Life. I told him to take shot of my Orgasm, as I was about to Cum, I told her that I will not come Inside her mouth,

but will Shot the cum on her face, after that she could Lick my Penis. He started Taking shots of her Sucking Act, then, as I was about to Cum, I brought Out, my Dick out of her mouth & Cummed all Over her face. She then she Licked the remaining drops of sperm from the Penis and yummmmmed Tasting It. raju Captured All Scenes in his Camera.

She Got up & went to wash her face in the Washroom. In the Meanwhile, I asked Raju whether he also want to get the Blow job done from the Mem Saab or also he wished to fuck her Pussy as he had never done Sex in his Life, as he was Only 18 years old, he said he felt shy & was fearfull of such Acts.

I told him not to Worry, as I will get her Agreed to give Raju Atleast a hand Job, if not a blow Job or a fuck, as she had Already masturbated 6 Men at One Go (Refer to Story: JYOTI AND JATIN’S HOT HONEYMOON – I), but had not sucked their Penis, as she was not used to it. I Told him to show me his Dick, as she was into washroom,

I Pulled him to myself & brought him Closer & forcibly pulled down his Pyjama. He had an Amazing Dick, as he was Laborious Mountaineer Guy, so he had a healthy Physique, His Dick was Longer then Mine, It was about 8″ as mine was 7″ Only, & its Diameter was also about 3″ as mine was 2.5″ Only, as while I was Inspecting his Penis,

Jyoti came back & was Amazed at my Act, as she never imagined that I will do that to a Male. I Called her & Pointed to his Penis, while I was Caressing its Length. Her Eyes Gleamed seeing its Length & Thickness, but she didn’t disclose this and Rebuked me that I shall not Spoil him, as he was a Young Unmarried Boy.

I Caught her by Wrist & Placed her hand Gently on his Hot Lund, she Closed her eyes & Slowly Started Caressing it. I made her Sit on the bed, while boy stood in front of her. Her eyes were Still shut, while she started Stroking his Penis, gently. I Pushed the Guy closer to him. I told Jyoti to Open her eyes and told her to Enjoy the beauty of Long and Thick Pahadi Lund of that Boy.

She Opened the Eyes and told me that she had already Got her Ass fucked by suck big Lund’s in the Past (Refer to Story: JYOTI AND JATIN’S HOT HONEYMOON – II), So, she was fearfull of them, Penis of my Size was Okay for her. I caught the boy’s Lund & started rubbing it on her boobs, she was enjoying its warmth. I winked to her and asked her suck him Off.

She refused to do it, as she didn’t wanted to be reminded of the Rape Act happened to her. She Told me that Presently, she was not Ready to do it. I Told her to Close her eyes, Catch Hold of his Dick & Just Rub it on her Lips. She agreed to do it. She made her Lips wet & started rubbing the Penis on her Closed Lips.

The fragrance of his Penis was making her Mad, So, she Opened a bit of her mouth & Put the Penis head in her mouth and made it wet. She was fearfull of taking its full Length into her mouth. I caught his Penis, raised it and asked her to Lick its full Length if she could not suck it inside her mouth. She caught it & started Licking the full Length of the Penis.

She continued for 10 minutes and in the Process, got badly heated Up. She suddenly grabbed the Penis & took the entire Length into her mouth. Raju also feeling the warmth of her mouth, started stroking her face, fastly, grabbing her head from behind. After 10 minutes, he asked Mem saab chootney wala hai, kya karoon, she brought it out and Stroked it 3-4 times &

his Cum with a Thud & All his Load fell on her huge breasts & flowed down to her Naval & further to her Pussy Line. She fell on her back on her bed & asked Raju to Rub the Sperm with his fingers on her boobs. He sat near to her & started rubbing the Sperm on her big Gleaming boobs, then, he took his hand to the Naval and rubbed it there, after that he seeked her Permission,

whether he could rub it on her Pussy, as he had never touched a Pussy in his Life. She shook her head in yes, he took his wet fingers to her Pussy & started gently Rubbing it there. She was enjoying and her eyes were Closed. He Took a chance, spread her Legs & Put his two fingers into her Pussy. He experienced the warmth of a Pussy for the first time, so, he was breathing heavily.

He suddenly got up & asked whether he could fuck her. I told him that not know, but he show us Picturesque places of hill Station and various Exotic Locations, where we could fuck in Open, but, in Privacy, there we Could have a Group Sex, with her. Then, I asked him to wait in Hotel lobby, as we will Get ready to Move Out with him, for a sight Seeing.

He agreed to it, wore his Pyjama & Left the Room, after thanking the Mem Saab for giving him Experience of his Life. As she was Hot because of Raju’s finger Act, I Climbed on her & Inserted whole of my Dick in her Pussy in One Go. She Gasped a Breath because of a sudden Attack by me.

I started stroking her heavily & within 3-4 minutes was about to Cum, she told me not to cum Inside, as she wanted to drink my Load, as she didn’t do that to Raju, because she wanted to taste My Load Only.

I brought out the Penis & made her lick juices of her On Pussy from the Dick & Started stroking her Mouse, fastly, and after a few jerks, cummed the whole Load into her Mouth. She Drank it completely & Then licked the Remaining Sperm of the Penis. Then, I Told her to Get Ready, as we had to Leave for a sight Seeing Soon.

which is really worth staying in Private & enjoying to the fullest. The Guesthouse was available for us & there won’t be Problem for us, as he will request his cousion to Leave it Totally vacant for us, as Raju alone can serve the guests on his Own. we agreed to it & Checked out of the Hotel.

In my Car, we went to the said Guesthouse. He introduced us to his cousion, as guesthouse was a just 2 Room Set, but was having beautifull surroundings, he told him that he will have to sent all 03 of his servants on Leave for next few days, as couple wanted to Spend the moments in Private, he alone will serve the couple well.

As Raju had wonderfull Reputation with him, so, he Agreed to it, readily. We checked In into the Room, whose All walls were made of Wooden & Bamboos, with beautiful Romantic Paintings hanging on them. we Locked the rooms & asked the Raju to take us to sight seeing. Raju was very Obedient and cultured Boy, who never changed his behaviour towards Jyoti,

it seemed as nothing had happened between him and Jyoti inside the Hotel Room. He showed us various Places worth watching & then took us to Market for Shopping. He spoke Good English also, we Really Enjoyed his services. We Spend the Entire day sight seeing & Shopping. We returned to Guesthouse by 4 pm and went for Rest and told Raju to Come to us after One hour.

We Took Rest & Got up after One hour, as I wake up, I saw Jyoti standing at a window, staring Snow Clad Hills in the surroundings, Only then Raju Entered. Raju told as this was a deserted Place, so, nobody often visits there, as it was 5 KM’s away from the main Road, but was at the beautiful Location.

Raju suggested that he will take Photograph of Mem saab without clothes, standing in the window, with Snow clad hills in the backdrop. we both liked his idea. Jyoti was wearing a Night Gown without any undergarments beneath it. She Pulled Off her Gown in No Time, and was standing All Nude over there. Raju helped her made Poses to have better Pictures.

he took some 10 of them. He asked her to Move Out of Guest House from a back door, All Nude, as there was a small forest on backside of the guesthouse, with small streams flowing between the Hills, as that will be better Place of Photography. I asked him how he knew this, then he disclosed to us, that 2 years back a Film Shooting Unit had stayed there,

who had to film Sex scenes in Natural surroundings, as he himself being just 16 years of Age, then was not allowed to visit the Guesthouse, but he get to knew this from his cousion. His cousion also got to fuck One of the Visiting Film Ladies. He was waiting for his chance, thanks to us, he May Get that Opportunity Today. I also Removed my clothes and got fully naked.

I grabbed Jyoti and Picked her in my Arms and Took her Out of guesthouse, from the back Door. It was beautiful surroundings Outside. Raju Told her to bend in Doggy style & Pick a Leaf from the ground, showing her Boobs hanging on the front. She got into Doggy style & Raised her buttocks higher, while her boobs were hanging on the front.

Raju helped her make the Pose, in the Process touched her here & there. He was Acting like a Professional Photographer. He wanted her Nipples to be erect, so, it give a more hotter Look in the Picture, So, I caught her & started sucking on her boobs. After 10 minutes of continuous sucking, her Nipples got swollen Up & were showing Erection.

I saw that Raju had got erection in his Trousers, his bulge was showing Up, I told him to Remove all his clothes, so, we could enjoy Together. He also removed his Clothes & Grabbed the Camera again. He started taking Photos while now Jyoti’s Eyes were Clinged to his 8” Tool. Raju Laid a bed of Leaves Over there & Told me to Fuck her over there, so he Could take Pictures of our Sexual Act.

I Laid her on her back & started rubbing the Penis head on her Vagina, the Penis head just slipped inside the Already Wet Vagina. Raju was covering it from all angles, but he was getting heated Up, his Penis was Doing See-saw up and down. I moved Jyoti into Doggy style fucking and made a Rear Entry, Raju took a Close Up from there,

I told him to take Photos of her frontals Also, as he went to the front, and bend on his Knees to have Close Up of bouncing boobs, his Penis was just in front of her eyes. She started getting hornier & started Screaming with Joy & started making wild comments like, “fuck me hard, Tear My Cunt, Do it fast”.

I saw into helpless eyes of Raju & asked him to Grab her boobs & take the Close Up, He took One hand forward & Grabbed her Hot boobs & Started taking Photo, in the Process, his Penis was just couple of feet away from her, she caught his Legs & wrapped her Arms around his waist & quickly Took his entire 8″ Penis into her mouth, she was sucking him hard,

he stopped her & Placed the camera on one side, then, he again Entered the Penis into her mouth & started stroking it rapidly. On the other side, I was stroking her cunt very hard, while she was Grumping & Jumping with Joy. As I was about to cum, I asked Raju to come to Rear Side to fuck her hard, he Pulled out his Penis & came to my side, he expressed his concern,

as he had never fucked a Pussy, I spread her Pussy hole with my fingers & asked him to Put the Penis Tip on her Pussy Hole, but Only when I Move in front to Stroke her mouth. I went to the front side & Entered my wet Penis into her Mouth, Raju grabbed her Ass Cheeks, Raised them a Little & Placed his Penis Tip on her Pussy Hole,

and made a Big Stroke and Put half of his thick Penis in One Go inside her, as he was not experienced. She just Gasped a breath & Screamed of Pain, as his Penis was very Thick in Comparison to Mine, I asked him to Drive slow inside her. He felt sorry as he had hurt the Mem saheb.

He gently started stroking her Cunt, I saw from his face expression as he was feeling being into heaven. After sometime of Gentle stroking, he made another Big Push & Put the entire Penis in one go, as Pussy had got well Lubricated due to continuous stroking, she felt Pain but she was enjoying More.

She was now screaming with Joy, and asking him to stroke her cunt fastly, I Told him to indicate me whenever he is about to cum, so that we will cum together inside her, his 8″ Long, 3″ Thick Tool was moving Rapidly In & Out of her Pussy furnance. She was screaming like a hungry whore.

Raju Told that he was about to cum and what he should do, he asked him to cum inside and fill her cunt with his juices, as this was the first Time she was getting Pussy fuck from a Stranger, forgeting apart her Ass Fuck Session by Village Goons, as that Time, due to Fear & Pain, she couldn’t Enjoy it, as also it was her first fuck, although got fucked in the Ass-hole,

Earlier (Refer to Story: JYOTI AND JATIN’S HOT HONEYMOON – II). I also started stroking her mouth Heavily, as I was about to Cum, Me and Raju both cummed at the sametime, he Filled her Cunt with his juices & fell on her Back in Joy, while still being into Doggy fuck Posture, he was feeling into Heaven, I also Cummed into her mouth & she drank whole of my Load,

she Grabbed even the Falling Drops os sperm off her Lips and Licked back her fingers. She also reached her Orgasm & just clinged to my Legs & Put my Penis again into her Mouth. We also seperated & Starightened Up, then, Raju indicated Towards a flowing stream nearby & Told me to enjoy her under the showers of the stream,

he was thankfull to us for making him enjoy such a beautifull the Damesel, who by Luck was my Wife, who had started behaving like Whores, due to her Forced Ass hole fuck by Goons, Earlier (Refer to Story: JYOTI AND JATIN’S HOT HONEYMOON – II). We moved under the stream and we both started Caressing Jyoti’s body,

we both Laid our hands on her entire body & entered into All her Pleasure making holes, with our fingers, while I was Licking her Pussy, Raju sucked on her boobs, we both Got Our Hard On again & fucked her again under the flowing Stream. Then, we Laid her on a Stone Slab & fucked her mouth & Pussy Lips, One by One.

After that, we decided to Enjoy more further of our Acts, we decided to make her run towards the Guest House & Played Catch & fuck Game, whosoever will catch her early, will fuck her first while other will Loose & will Look helplessly and will masturbate himself with his own hands, she liked the Idea, she ran & entered the Guesthouse, as Guesthouse was empty,

we all 03 of us, were running All Over, Ultimately, I caught her at Reception Area & Laid her on the Soft Carpet of waiting Lounge & fucked her there, while Raju sat on the sofa in the front and started Masturbating himself. We enjoyed it a Lot. After that Raju Suggested that we shall Run behind her All Naked on the Road, as Road being a deserted One, had no traffic on It,

If there is any Vehicle Approaching, we could easily hide in nearby bushes, as sound of vehicles approaching is easily audible from a far-off distance, we will enjoy it A Lot. We decided to give her a thin blanket, which she could wear, if she finds anybody on the Road. We all 03 of us, all Naked on the Road,

she moved first and started walking on the Road with blanket wrapped like a Towel on her body with bare shoulders, we started walking Late by a Minute, by then she had covered some distance, then, we started running towards her, Realizing this, she also started running & in the Process Lost Grip of the Towel & it fell on the Road, she kept running without bothering of towel,

we ran after her, and Raju Picked the blanket, while running after her, he being a Local Pahari boy, was running faster, so, he grabbed her very Soon & Pulled her to him & Grabbed one of her boobs in his mouth. He spread the blanket on side of the Road and Laid her on her back in Misiionary style & Quickly Pushed his Penis inside her & started stroking her, rapidly.

By the time, I reached to them, they were really Enjoying, so, as a Rule of the Game, I had sit near to them & masturbate myself, without touching her. I was helpless, as Raju was stroking her very fast & she was enjoying his Hot dick. As I was about to cum, I indicate Raju also to cum on her entire body, as she was laying on the ground.

As I was about to cum, I got up & dropped All my Load on her boobs, Naval & shoulders, Raju also, when was about to cumm, fastly Pulled his Penis Out & bathed her with his huge Sperm Load. So, we stayed there for 10 days & Enjoyed Group Sex with Raju on daily basis & tried new fuck games everyday & Nobody disturbed us. We both fucked her Thrice Each on Daily basis.

She Got Close to 50 fucks during that PERIOD. After that, we thanked Raju for so much of Enjoyment. As we were about to Leave with All baggage ready, Raju was very Sad, he Grabbed her arm & started kissing her Passionately, he pulled her to the sofa near reception & broke the hooks of her blouse & also broke the Bra hook and in No time made her Topless.

He didn’t remove her Saree & just bundled it to her waist, as she was not Wearing any Panty beneath it, So, he quickly Removed his Pyjama & Rode her and Cummed inside her cunt in two minutes time, while he was sucking her boobs. She got up, kissed him on Lips & told him that we will come again next year to Enjoy with him.

He bid Goodbye to us and we started our Return journey. on the way back, I asked her the Secret of herself becoming so hornier since the start of our Honeymoon Journey, she Told me that as since the day she Got Raped in her Ass hole by 03 Village Goons, she was dying for Sex (Refer to Story: JYOTI AND JATIN’S HOT HONEYMOON – II), but she was helpless,

Moreover her incident with The Guard (Refer to Story: JYOTI AND JATIN’S HOT HONEYMOON – I) had made her more starving for Sex, as due to fear of me, she couldn’t complete her Sexual Act with the Guard, although he had the biggest Ever Dick of 9″, she had Ever Seen, which made her hornier,

as she Lost her Senses & with my Little support had got involved into Masturbation Act with 6 Men Present at the Pond Site, which we had visited (Refer to Story: JYOTI AND JATIN’S HOT HONEYMOON – I) at the begining of Our Honeymoon Journey. She felt Sorry to me, if I felt her of being getting so Hornier & ultimately Ended getting fucked by a stranger, Raju.

I Pulled her to me & kissed her Lips Passionately & continued Our Return Journey. If readers have Liked the above story, Please send In your valuable Comments. I request you all to thoroughly enjoy this real story.

and we could seperate after 1 year, as decided in Contract. so, myself, being a bachealor, agreed to do a one year Contract marrige with her. So, we were discussing various future plans sitting at Dhaba. During Our discussion, she shared me that she really wanted to have another visit to the Lake, where she bathed naked during our Journey (Ref. JYOTI AND JATIN’S HOT HONEYMOON – I)

and where she faced Sex Approaches from the Guard on duty & also had Sexy encounter with 06 men, aspiring to fuck her, there Only. I told her that as it will afternoon time, by the time we reach there & so, the most of the People would have left after taking bath over there, and she May be the Only one bathing Naked Over there, but she insisted to go there.

So, after taking Tea, we Proceeded for the Lake. So, by the time, we reached there, It was already 1:00 pm, so, as we Entered the Lake Area, we found only 3-4 Ladies taking bath there, but they were not fully naked, but had wrapped some thin clothes on their body, while taking bath. She felt a bit hesitant to take bath, all Naked over there, but then decided to go Ahead.

At the time there was no Guard around, so, I stood there in Ladies Quardron, as she started undressing. She was wearing No Bra, as on the way, we had fucked inside the Car on the Way back, so, she Choose not to wear the bra, again. she started unbuttoning her shirt in a Corner while facing the Wall, then removed it and placed it on floor,

she pulled the string of her skirt and Let it drop to her feet, she was wearing a Red Panty beneath it. She was looking like a Red Fairy, standing there Almost fully naked, having a Pinkish Body, wearing a Red Panty on her fantastic figure. Panty was hardly able to cover her huge buttocks, which were Otherwise firm in its Place.

The Red Panty was too Small to Cover her Vaginal Cut, while it only had a thin String on the back side, covering the Ass-line between the buttocks. She wrapped arms around her breasts to cover them while going ahead for bath in the Lake, as on Men’s side, there were some 8-10 Men, taking bath, who could easily see her beauty from a Distance,

as both ends of the Pond were Seperated by hardly 50-60 feet. Suddenly, the Guard entered from the Gate Side, as he had gone for Lunch. So, seeing me standing there in Ladies Area, he started shouting from a distance and told me to go other Side, As we both were having a single towel, so I took the Towel from the bag and started to move to the Men’s Side.

she had her back to his side, so, Guard didn’t saw her face, as Looking from behind, she Looked almost naked, as was wearing a String Panty, which had a string hanging between her Ass Cheeks, so, he got an Instant hard On. As there was rush over there, so, he quickly moved to the enterance. she moved under the flowing Spring and started Taking bath under it.

She raised her arms to her head and tied her hair over her Head. As a Result, her boobs bounced to the front, she rubbed under her tits, the water droplets standing on her tits were making them Shine. She had beautiful Soft hairs under her arm Pits. The water from spring was flowing from Shoulders, on to her breasts & the Tits,

and further flowing to the Naval and was further Passing in a Line through the Vaginal Crack, the water was dropping to the floor, after dripping down from the Vagina, Partly covered by Wet Panty. She had Closed her eyes while enjoying the bath, and didn’t realize when all other Ladies wore there clothes and went Off, as at 2:00 pm, it was Closure time for the Lake Area.

Men on our side, also dried them up & were wearing their Clothes, while Cracking Jokes about her Nudity. Then they went Off, as they had to Leave for some Place, I also wrapped the Towel under my waist & went Out of Gate to Quickly Puff a Cigratte Outside, as I saw her enjoying her bath. She was rubbing hands on All over her body.

Then, she realized that She was All Alone & there was Nobody Else Around, So, Took the Opportunity to Go Completely Nude. She Pulled the Side Strings of the Panty and Dropped the Panty to her Feet. She went Under the Spring, Opened the Vaginal Crack & started washing it from Inside.

Then, She Sat on the floor and Spread her Legs & started Poking fingers into her Vagina and started masturbating herself. As it was Closure Time, Guard Re-entered that area to check whether anybody was Left. From a Distance, he saw her masturbating herself, while her eyes were Closed because of enjoyment.

Seeing her face, he immediately recognised her as the Girl, who made his Day on her last visit to the Lake and he was desperately waiting for her to come again, one Day. Sensing the Opportunity, he saw no one around, he Closed the Door of the Lake entrance & Bolted it from Inside, Meanwhile she had stood up and had moved under the Spring to have another round of bath.

Guard dropped his Trousers at the Gate & also removed his Shirt & Vests, he was down to his V-Shape Frenchie. His 9″ Tool was Fully erect & was Clearly sticking to Line of the Frienchie. Despite being a 47 Year Old man, he was well Built, 6′ feet of height and was very strong Men. He started Moving Closer to the Spot she was bathing.

As she had a back towards him, she didn’t Saw him Approaching. He went Near to her & wrapped his strong Arms around her Waist and Kissed her Neck from the behind. She Screamed of Fear and quickly Turned around, she was Gasping for breath due to fear and didn’t Realize that what happened All of a Sudden.

He didn’t Leave her & Pulled her Closer to himself, while his hands were still on her waist. She gained her Senses and quickly Recognized him and tried to free herself from his strong Grip, but In vain. He Placed his finger on her Lips and kissed her Cheeks. Then, he Placed his Lips on her Lips and started Smooching them. She was All Nude in a Stranger’s Arms.

As she actually wanted to enjoy with him, as his was the strongest Penis, she had Ever See, so, stopped Resisting, anymore. He Placed both his hands on her breasts and started Caressing them. She Shied & turned around. His Penis was Poking Like a Sharp knife, into her nude Ass Cheeks.

He started Pressing her boobs from behind and then moved his fingers from her Tits, to Navel and further to her Vaginal Cut. She spread her Legs and gave his fingers an Easy Approach to inside the warmth of her Vagina. He touched his fingers on her Vagina and rubbed her there. She quickly Turned around and kissed him on Lips.

While they were Kissing, she Placed her hand on his Errection over his Frenchie. Then, She started kissing his Entire body & started Moving Down. The Penis head was Peeping through the Top of the Frenchie, as it was Too small to cover its entire Length. She Rubbed his Penis & started Pulling down the Frenchie and dropped it to his feet. She sat on her knees, while he was standing.

The Water from the Spring was flowing on to their bodies. She Caught the Penis and rubbed her hand on its Entire Length. She Gripped it in her fist and raised it above, then, she started Licking the Entire Length of his Penis. She then took its Head into her mouth and started sucking it like a Lolly Pop. He Grabbed her shoulders and increased the speed of the stroking inside her mouth.

After sometime, he made her stand up. He took her some feet behind, under the Spring water, where there was a Stone Slab Placed to Sit and have a bath. He Laid her on her back on the Slab, Raised her Legs and He kissed the sides of her Thighs and went down to Lick her Vagina. He licked her Pussy for half an hour, like a hungry Dog.

Then, he got up and raised her Legs and Placed them on Each of his shoulders. Then, he rubbed the Head of Penis on her wet Hole. She Shivered of Enjoying, thinking of taking his entire Length into her Pussy. He Placed the Penis Head on her Wet Hole and made a Gentle Push. The Spring water was still flowing on to their bodies.

In a Single Push, he Put One-third of Penis into her Hungry Pussy, the Lips of Pussy got Wide Spread due to thickness of his huge Penis. They seemed like Asking for more, with an Open mouth. She was screaming with Pain and was asking him to Pull-Off. He made another Gentle Push and now, half of the Penis was inside her Pussy, then, he started stroking it Gently.

Slowly, she started enjoying. Now, she started screaming with Joy and was asking for more. He was Slowly stroking her and make her enjoy. In between, he made little jerks and Put the entire Length in her Pussy. She felt as her Pussy was Conquered by a Real King for the first Time in her Life. While I returned, I found the Gate Locked from Inside, I tried to find Out way to reach inside,

Closer the Gate, there was Guard’s Cabin, which had a One feet window Opening towards the Lake, from where he must be keeping Vigil on People bathing, actually he would have been enjoying the beauty of nude Women from there. This Window was not wide enough for anybody to jump through it on Lake’s side, So, from there, I saw the Guard fucking Jyoti under the Spring.

I felt angry,as he had bolted the Door from Inside, but Slowly I started Enjoying from there, as Jyoti was also enjoying, as she always wanted to be fucked by 9″ Penis of the Guard she had expereinced earlier (Refer : JYOTI AND JATIN’S HOT HONEYMOON – I), I was witnessing there whole acts from there. All of a Sudden, he Pulled Off his Penis.

He then raised her from the Slab and made her stand. He Placed her one Arm on the side of the Rock, from where Spring was Flowing to take Support and other One, wrapped over his shoulder and then Raised her one Leg and Placed it on the Stone Slab, it gave him, More Access to Vaginal inside, while Standing, then, he Rubbed his Penis on her Vagina and Slowly started Pushing it inside of her.

This Act was more Painfull for her, but Once the entire Penis was inside, he started stroking it Rapidly. This was a Wild Sex in True Sense, which they were Enjoying. He was well Built like Sanjay Dutt of yesteryears, while she was Looking as beautifull as Kangna Ranaut, It Seemed to me, as I was watching a Porn movie, of Sanjay Dutt fucking Kangna Ranaut, in the Open under a Flowing Spring.

Then, he decided to Change the Act, he Took her to a Side Wall and Raised from her Waist and made her Grab the Sides of the Wall with her arms spread on the Wall, he Caught her by her buttocks and Put his Entire Penis in her Pussy in One Go, Know her body was swinging in his strong Arms as he had wrapped his arms around her waist to maintain balance and was stroking her Pussy, heavily.

This was the Real Wild Sex I had ever Witnessed in my Life. AFter sometime, he Stopped and went to the Stone Slab and Laid on his back over there, then he asked her to Climb on him. She went upon him, Opened her Vaginal Lips and Put the Penis Head on Pussy Opening. The Penis started Vanishing into her Pussy, Like a Knife Inside a Water-melon.

Know, he was Resting on his back and she was Stroking, while Jumping on his Penis, with a Speed. She was herself Caressing her Boobs. Then, She Raised her Arms in the Air, and her boobs were bouncing like Footballs as had grown in Size, due to Wild Sex. She Told him to inform her when he is about to Cum.

She had her Orgasm after sometime and her Vaginal Juices were flowing to his Penis. So, after Sometime, when he was reaching his Orgasm, he Pointed to her that he May be about to Cum in a Couple of minutes. She Got up from his Penis and sat between his Legs and then started Stroking his Penis with her hand, May be, she wanted to Drank his Cum.

She slowed her hand and Licked the Entire Length of his Penis. He Stood Up after that and made her Sit on slab under the Spring. The Spring water was flowing on their Warm bodies. He Put the Penis into her mouth and started stroking it heavily. After Sometime, he Pulled the Penis out of her Mouth and his Sperm Came with a Thurst and Fell onto her Entire Face,

and Shoulders and further he Shed more of Sperm onto her breasts, which she Rubbed on her tits, made them Glow into Sperm of the Best Ever Man who had given her fuck of her Life. Then, She Licked Some Drops of his Sperm and then Took it again into her mouth. After some time they seperated, Embraced each other, Smooched Each other,

then Kissed Each other to Bid a Goodbye with a Promise to meet Again. They were watching into Each other’s Eyes, as like a Couple in LOVE, Never Realizing the Age Difference of 28 years between them. He Went down & Pick up his Frenchie and Wore It and came towards the Gate. Realizing that, I moved from his Cabin and Went towards the Road, and came back again,

Pretending that I had not Seen him fucking the Girl. By the time, I came back, he was in his Cabin and had dried himself and had wrapped a Towel under his Waist. I entered the Lake Area and Saw that Jyoti was drying her hair with help of a Cloth, while standing all Naked. I went to her, removed my Towel and gave her, Pretending as I had not Seen her getting fucked,

as I know that she herself will share all details with me, in her Own Interesting Style. We Wore Our Clothes, Came Out and Bid Goodbye to the Guard and Told him that we May come Next year, as that was Wonderful Place for Enjoyment and Taking bath in the Open.

As we both Came Out from the Pond Side after wearing Our Clothes & Bidding Goodbye to the Guard after Jyoti’s Passionate Experienece with Guard in a secret Sexual Act (Refer : Hot Honeymoon of Jatin & Jyoti (Part – V)), As after bath in the Pond, Jyoti was All Wet & Rapidly she had Worn a Knee Length Thin White Gown, wearing no under Garments under It,

as we had to Travell in the Night and she wanted to Put on Loose fitting Clothes to Travel Easy. We started moving Towards the Parking Lot. As we reached to our Car, I opened the Diggy of the Car, as she had to Place the Bag inside, So, as she bend to Place the Bag, her Ass Cheeks Spread Wide enough & her Gown got Raised a bit to her Thighs, So, her Spread Ass Cheeks were giving a Perfect Rear View for any Onlooker.

Nearby, our Car, there was another SUV Vehicle Parked, inside which, there were some Men sitting and Relaxing themselves. As they saw the Rear view of Jyoti’s Ass, they started making Ooooooooooooahhhhhhhhhh Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh noises, Loudly. They Spoke between themselves that, ” Kya Maal Hai yaaaaaaaar !!, Iski Mil Jaye toh Majaa Aajaye”.

Listening to this, we both Turned towards them, all of a Sudden. We were Astonished to find that they were the same 6 Men, whom Jyoti had Masturbated during our first visit to this Place about 10 days back & they also had Caressed her Boobs and Rubbed their Penis on her Boobs & Other Body Parts (Refer : Hot Honeymoon of Jatin & Jyoti (Part – I)).

They Also immediately recognised us and Came down their Vehicle. They shake hands with me & Said Namastey to Jyoti with Mischieveous smile on their faces. One of them Spoke, “Mujhe toh Aap Peechwade Se (from Rear View), Jaani Pehachaani Si Lag Rahi thi, Uss din Aap ko Sab Angle Se Joh dekh Liya tha”. She Smiled at them, but shyed Off & Hid behind Me.

They Requested us for a Cup of Tea-Coffee, but we refused, as we had to Travell. They started forcing & Requested that we May or May not meet again. So, I agreed for the Same. They Told us to keep our Car Parked there and asked us to Join them into their Vehicle, as Coffee Shop was a Bit Far-Off. So, Two of them, Sat themselves on front Seats, then, Jyoti Entered first on the back Seat & Myself Sat on Window Seat,

Two persons Sat besides Jyoti and Two of them, Sat on the Back Seats of SUV. As we were Talking, I asked for their Names. The One driving was Dharamveer, 2nd One sitting Besides him, was Diljeet. The Two sitting Besides us were Ravi and Vikram. Two Men Sitting behind were Lokesh and Raghu.They shared with us that they were Local Guides, who also drive Cabs for Tourists.

They all had seperate cabs for hire. While Sitting inside SUV, Jyoti was Relaxing besides me, but due to Road bumps her Boobs were Jumping Like Water Meloons, as she was wearing No Bra under it. Ravi and Vikram, sitting beside us, were having wonderfull View of her dancing Boobs. Ravi was the Most talkative among all of them. He talked about various Tourist spots Nearby.

Others also shared their views. He Put his arm around the back of Jyoti. He replied to her queries, as she enquired about Local tourist Spots. She was growing into Confidence with him, In between, he Joked and Told her, that, there were Many More Spots, where she Could ENjoy everything, Even could fulfill her Desire, if she thought that beautifull Act on our Previous visit, was not enough that Day.

She Smiled back at him. He Knowingly Put one of his arm around her shoulder and with Other hand, he Gently Touched her right Boob. She didn’t Respond anything. As we four People were Sitting Tightly on that Seat, So, she had to move ahead many times to adjust herself on Seat, As a Result, from a Side, her Knee Length Gown had Risen to the Thighs.

So, her beautifull and Milky white Thighs were on Clear Display. In order to adjust well, Jyoti Raised her Right Leg and Placed it over left Leg, making a Cross of Legs, slightly turning Left towards me, As a Result, Side of her Hip was on Display to Ravi. Ravi Sensing the Opportunity, started Caressing his hand on her Hips.

Once he realized that she was All Nude under the Gown, he started touching her thighs and tried to move his hand, towards her Bare Pussy. She again Sat straight and gave him an Open Access to her Pussy Lips. He moved his hand further and started Touching her Pussy Lips. She Spread her Legs more and he Inserted One of his fingers inside her Wet Pussy.

He started moving his finger In & Out. She was All Heated Up and was Ready for a New fuck. Soon, we Reached the Coffee Shop, which was made beneath small Hills, along a River Side. There was Nobody in the Coffee Shop, at that Time. It was an Open Restaurent, near River-side. One of them, ordered for 8 cups of Coffee to the Shop Owner.

While Sipping the Coffee, we were talking a Lot of Stuff. We didn’t knew when the Topic turned to our Naked Bath act along Pond-Side (Refer : Hot Honeymoon of Jatin & Jyoti (Part – I), they started Enquiring her that why she had came All Naked on Men’s Side, while knowing their were Other Men also Present, besides her husband.

She Told them that as she was left alone on Women’s Side, bathing All naked, so, she got fearfull, So, she decided to go to her husband and in a Hurry forget that there were Other Six men Around. Then, They started Praising Of her Beauty. Dharamveer talked about her Perfect figure and Diljeet Praised about her Boldness to walk Naked around in Presence of Men.

Vikram spoke that she was Bold enough to suck on Penis of her husband in Presence of Other Men. Lokesh Spoke her that she was Looking Like a Sexy Goddess that Day, One such, that he will Like to Enjoy with Every Passing Day. Raghu enquired from her that whether it was she who suggested the idea to her husband, for masturbating All six of them the Other Day, She did not Reply to him.

She was not Replying to any of their queries, but was Smiling and was very Pleased to Listen about Praises of her beauty. Ravi then Checked from her, whether she Liked the Masturbation Act that Day. She didn’t Spoke, but, shook her head in yes to them. It made them more Courageous. Then, Ravi asked her that if she can Repeat the Act again in Nearby flowing River.

She hesitated and said No, but Looked towards the Coffee Owner. They Realized her Problem & then, Diljeet Spoke that she need not worry about Coffee Shop Owner, as he is their friend. He Called him taking his Name & took him to a Side & gave him Rs. 1000 to be Away for atleast 2 hours from that side.

He May Go and work in Kitchen, Other-wise. Then, Ravi asked her husband Jatin that whether he agrees for Repeating of the Act. He said he has no Issues if she is interested, but they want to Leave Early, as It May Get Dark Later. Raghu spoke that they can arrange for Rooms for Our stay, in Case we get late for the Journey. Coffee shop Owner had already Left for Somewhere.

Her husband, Jatin decided that not to Involve himself into the Act and Decided to Capture the Every Movement of the Act into his Camera, in order to Enjoy it Later On Video Set. Ravi was sitting just Next to her chair, so, he caressed her thigh with his Palm. She started Shying & Got Up from her Seat. He Also Stood Up and went near to her.

As her Gown, had a Zipper on backside upto her waist, so he Pulled down the Zipper and Opened it from Back till the waist Line. Her Bare back was on display for Everybody. He Pulled down One Arm of the Gown to make her shoulder Naked from behind. Then, he Kissed on her Bare Shoulder.

Then, he Pulled the Left arm of the gown from other Side to Kiss on the Left shoulder, so, now both her shoulders were Naked and her being not wearing anything under the Dress, it was falling Off her Body, So, she quickly Grabbed it in the front Near Her Boobs. Now, Ravi was Kissing All Over her Bare Back, she was Loosing her Senses,

he Grabbed her from waist and then moved his hands on her Naval and further on to her boobs, over her dress. Raghu Moved in front of her & Kissed Under her Neck, he Grabbed her arms and raised them over her Head, In the Process, her Dress fell from the front and her Big Boobs were All on Display for Everybody. Raghu took both the breasts in his hands and started Caressing them, Gently.

He went down & Kissed on the Pink Nipples, then, he Started Licking on the Brown Areoles around the Nipples. Due to No belt on the Gown, it was about Slip Off her body, but Ravi Quickly Grabbed It. He Sat on his Knees and Started Licking On her Legs, then Thighs. He Raised the Dress from Behind and Bundled it on her Waist, making the Shape of a Rope.

Now, her Pussy with Little Black Hair was Inviting everybody to have a Taste of it. Diljeet Came Near to her and started Pressing Gently on her Boobs. He also Caressed the Pussy with his Other Hand. He Rubbed his fingers on the Wet Pussy and Gently Inserted One finger inside her Vagina. Raghu was Kissing on her Naval and then sat on Knees in front of her.

As Diljeet Spread her Pussy with his Fingers, Raghu started Licking on her Pussy. She was into Heavens Now. Now, Vikram and Lokesh also Joined them. They brought her to the Centre Table made for Coffee Serving. She was almost Naked Now, as Only Piece of Cloth, she had on her Body, was Bundled around her Waist like a Rope. Ravi made her Climb on the Table and then Bent her into Doggy Style,

Now, her Boobs were hanging on the front. Then, Dharamveer came to her front and sat on a chair and started Smooching on her Lips. Ravi was Licking on her Ass Hole, with his Tongue, while Raghu and Vikram had brought Out their Penis and Made her Grab them in her hands. Lokesh was sitting near the Table and was Licking on her Boobs, from Under of her Body.

Dharamveer went on Side and started Fingering her Pussy, while Diljeet brought Out his Penis and went in front of her and started Rubbing his Penis on her Lips. Initially she was hesitant to take it in her mouth, So, she made her Lips Wet with her Tongue and started Rubbing the Wet Lips on entire Length of his Penis.

He was Trying to Push the Penis inside her mouth, but, then, She brought out her Tongue and as he Raised his Penis, she first Licked on his Balls, then, Started Licking on Entire Length of the Penis. Now, Raghu and Vikram also came to her front and wanted her to Suck on their Penis, She Started Quickly moving her Tongue on All Three Penis in Front of her.

Ravi Bit on her Ass Cheeks from behind and that made her Gulp on one of the Penis in front of her. It was Diljeet’s Penis, which was inside her mouth. He know wanted to Stroke her Throat with the Penis. On the Other Side, Dharamveer was Licking on her Pussy, while Lokesh was Licking on her Naked Legs from Behind. Then, Suddenly Ravi stood Up & Dropped his Pent near the Table.

He Reduced himself to his Vest while dropping his Under Wear near the Table, Dharamveer and Lokesh also Got done to their Vests. Ravi then Pulled Jyoti to himself and know his Penis was getting Rubbed on her Pussy. He Opened the Nod of her Gown, which was still hanging around her waist and Let it Drop near her Feet. Now, she was Purely 100 Per Cent Naked.

He wanted to do some Mischief. He Pulled her Arm and took her inside Knee Deep water of the River.He Pulled Off his Vest and Now he was fully Naked, he Made her Wear her Gown. Know, he made her sit in the Water & Made her Lick his Balls, while he Grabbed her from Hair. She was Quickly moving her Tongue on his Balls and then On his Penis Length.

Then, She Took the Entire Length of Penis inside her Mouth and he started Stroking her mouth Rapidly. In the Meantime, Dharamveer also Entered the River all Naked and Pulled her to his Penis and made her Suck on his Penis. She was SUcking hard on the Penis of both the Men.

Then, Raghu and Lokesh, also Came inside All Naked. Ravi signalled Raghu to Pull the Zipper of the Gown from Behind and make her Back Naked Again. Raghu made her back Naked and started Rubbing his Penis on her Naked Back. Now, Diljeet came in front of her and Pulled the Front of the Gown down and made her Boobs Naked, he made her Grab his Penis between both her Boobs and made her Masturbate him.

Now, Vikram was rubbing his Penis on her Neck, Shoulders etc. Then, Lokesh Grabbed her from Hips, as he was in Hurry to enter her from Behind. He Grabbed the Gown from the Zipper Point and made a strong Jerk. The Gown Tore from Waist till her Hips. He Started Rubbing his Penis on her Hips but was still not able to reach her Pussy Hole from Behind.

So, he Tore it further till its entire Length. Now, she was All Naked from Behind, while Pieces of her Gown were Hanging on the front. Dharamveer moved in front of her and Tore Off the remaining front Cloth of the Gown. Then, Diljeet caught of the Pieces of the Gown and threw them in River.

She Reacted and Tried to Capture the Torn Gown, as it was the Only Cloth, which she had to Wore, as we had already Placed our bag inside our Car Parked in Parking Lot, but Ravi Told her to Relax as he will Provide her more Clothes. Lokesh Rubbed her Penis on her Pussy from behind and made a Huge Jerk, while Vikram was there in her front and filled her mouth with his Penis,

Ravi and Lokesh also moved in the front and All three of them started stroking her mouth One by One. Diljeet made her Grab his Penis in her hand & made her masturbate him, In the Meanwhile, Dharamveer Joined Lokesh at back Side. As Lokesh, put the Entire Length of Penis inside her Pussy and was Jerking Off very fast, as he was about to Shed the Sperm, he Pulled it Off, as he wanted to Prolong the Act.

So, Now, Dharamveer entered her from Behind and started Stroking her Rapidly. While Vikram, Ravi and Lokesh were Caressing their penis on her Face and sometimes Stroking her mouth, by putting the Penis inside her mouth. As Dharamveer was about to Cum, he Pulled Off his Penis, Now, It was Diljeet’s Turn, he made her Lie on her back on the Wet Sand near the River and Entered her Pussy in Missionary Position.

He was stroking her very fast. She was swinging Like a Toy between these Sex starved Monasters and was Cursing her Luck, as why did she agree to do this Act. As Daljeet was about to Shed the Sperm, he Pulled Off, Then, Vikram, Ravi and Raghu Took their Turns and entered her One by One. As and when, they were about to Cum, they will Pull off to Prolong the Act.

Now, Diljeet, Lokesh and Dharamveer were Gently Masturbating themselves and wanted to Shed Sperm on her Body. Diljeet again Put his Penis into her mouth and started stroking it, then, Lokesh came near to her and Now, both of them put their Penis in her Mouth and stroked it One by One, Dharamveer also came Closer and stroked her mouth.

Know, she Grabbed the Penis of All three of them in her hands and started Licking the Entire Lengths of their Penis, One by One, while Ravi was stroking her very fastly, while Raghu was rubbing his Penis on her Nipples. As ravi was about to Cum, he Asked her whether he shall Cum inside, she said Ok for the Same.

He Came with a Thurst inside her Pussy, as she jumped with Joy, So, as Vikram was in front of her as he was rubbing his Penis on her face, she Quickly Grabbed his Penis into her mouth and started Sucking hard on his Penis. Now, Raghu entered her Pussy and started stroking it heavily and he also came with a Thurst inside her Pussy, as she was sucking on Vikram’s Penis,

he also came with a Thurst Inside her Mouth and made her Drank his Sperm. Now, again Dharamveer turned her into Doggy Style and started stroking heavily and after sometime came with a Thurst and filled her Pussy with a Joyfull Spurt of his Sperm, as Now, Diljeet was stroking her mouth and she was sucking hard on his Penis, so, he was about to cum,

he decided to Enter her One final Time and Laid her on Back and Started fucking her Missionary Style, as he was about to Cum, he also Shed the Sperm inside her Pussy and Now, Lokesh was Stroking her Mouth, he then, moved in the Front and entered her Pussy in Missionary Style, he Pulled her Legs Up and Put them over his Shoulders and Started Stroking her Heavily,

he also, quickly Cummed inside her Pussy, So, by this Time, Vikram had again Grown Tight his Penis by Caressing himself, he also Entered her and started stroking heavily. After sometime, he Also Cummed inside her Pussy. Now, her Pussy was filled with six Different Types of Sperm.

Due to Waiting time of their Second Turn, All Other five Person had Grown their Penis Tight and Wanted to have another Round, but as she was Dead Tired now, she Requested for some Rest. So, they brought her to Centre Table and Laid her There, while She Rested for some 30 minutes, while they were Caressing their Penis, they again entered her One by One, and Also,

Stroked her mouth, Turn by Turn, but, as and when they were about to Cum again, they waited and Decided to Cum in One Go on her Body. As They were about to finish, they Masturbated themselves for a Minute and Bathed her Entire Body from her Face to her Toes, with their Sperms. She was Joyous for being Bathing in their Sperms.

Now, they all wanted her to Lick the Last Drops of the Sperm from their Penis for one final Time, but, she Requested to Piss Off. They Thought of a Mischief and made her Sit on her Toes in Pissing Style and then, Put their Penis on her Pussy One by One, as she Pissed a Bit on Each of their Penis and made them wet with her Warm Urine.

As she Got Up, She Complained of Severe Body Ache, they Thought of a Great Idea and Laid her on Cool Sand near the River and as they all were feeling the urine Pressure, so, All of them, Pissed on her Tired Body, Somebody on her face, somebody on Boobs, Naval, Pussy, Legs, Toes etc. She was filling a Lot Relieved now. Then, they Together Bathed themselves in the River.

Now, It was getting Darker, so, they together were Playing Games, Sometimes, she would Pull One of their Penis and Somebody will Suddenly Rub a Finger on her Pussy, while other will Put his Penis in her mouth. As it was 10 in the Night, now, We all Got Naked and Decided to Drive All Naked to the Parking Lot, as Nobody will be Present there by Now, On the Way, 4 of them,

Sat in Middle row and laid Jyoti on their Laps All Naked and Did a Lot of mischieveous thing with her on the Way. As they reached near Parking Lot, they decided to wear the clothes, before entering their, they all and myself wore our clothes, but, as Jyoti had Already Lost her Torn Gown in the River, she had No Clothes to Wear, She asked Ravi for the Same, but, he Told her,

that not to Worry, they will Get her down, Only when their is Nobody around. So, that, she Can Reach our Car quickly and take the Clothes from the Bag. She was sitting Naked on Ravi’s Lap, while Vikram sitting nearby was caressing her Boobs. As they Entered Parking Lot, It was Raining Heavily Over there and the Parking Lot was Completely Submerged with water.

As our Car was at a Distance, we could see from far Off that somebody else had Parked a Car near our Car and there was No Way left for their SUV to travell around hundred metres till Our Vehicle, So, One of them got down to check the Way Out, but, complete passage was Choked with Vehicles, We all Men Got down to find out a Way, but, failed.

After 15 minutes wait, Jyoti herself Came Down and Told them not to Worry, as she will Try to Reach the Car, by hiding herself behind various Cars to reach our Own Car, but as we were standing there, At a Distance, under Roof of a Roadside Toilet some People were Playing Cards, so, she got fearfull.

So, we Gents along with her decided to walk towards the Car she Told that she wanted to Adventure and wanted to take this Risk of walking All Naked to the Car. She started walking towards the Car All Naked, while all Gents walking Behind her. As Somebody from the Parking Lot, brought Out his Car and HeadLights Glare was falling towards us, she quickly hid behind a SUV.

Once that Car Passed, she again walked in the Parking Lot All Naked. After that she Passed Off smoothly, as It was Darkness All around, Soon, we reached near our Car, where with Centre Locking Remote I Opened our Car, which made a Bit of Noise, as she was Pulling Off Bag out of Diggy to take Clothes for wearing, So, the Noise of Remote,

made Heads turn of Card Playing Persons towards Our Car, as Our Car was bang Opposite the Toilet, outside which they were Playing Cards, So,she quickly Sat on Floor near the Car, so that those Men could not See her. We all Gents made a Body Cover and Opened the Car’s Door, she Got Up and quickly Entered the Car,

She Quickly Grabbed Another Gown from the Bag and Slid it Quickly Over Head, before Anybody Comes, Her Nudity could be seen from outside of Car as Car’s Inside Lights were On, as Its Door was open.

Vikram Called the Manager Of the Tourist’s Inn On his Phone for Informing that there were some Important Guests to Stay there for a Night, as they had to Halt there due to Heavy Rain. We Thanked them And she came out and Kissed Each One of them One by One to Bid a Goodbye…

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